Han Chunyu science and Technology Daily: no scientific spirit, no bottom line.

Han Chunyu science and Technology Daily: no scientific spirit, no bottom line.

Original title: from Han Chun Yu accused of buying and selling papers: no scientific spirit, no bottom line.

Han Chunyu is on the top again.

According to a 2014 recording released by the media on September 10, Han Chunyu made a profit by writing his dissertation, intending to organize students'dissertation sales activities and persuading them to pay for a dissertation.

As soon as the news came out, everybody was astonished again --- could a university teacher be even lower if he had been so calm in trading papers with his students? It can only be said that when the spirit of science is absent, anything can happen. An old academician once said that the Han Chunyu incident was a retrogression of the integrity system of scientific research in our country, and was the result of the lack of scientific spirit. The publication of the paper trading incident once again confirmed that in Han Chunyu's so-called scientific career, even the minimum scientific spirit is not. This lack of ethics, integrity, bottom line, research rules in his place have become ridiculous, so that "objective fraud" has become inevitable.

Two years ago, when the story of Han Chunyu, a "non-famous scientist", was widely praised, apart from his "heavyweight achievements", he was praised more for his scientific pursuit in poverty, his persistent dream in despair, his cold bench and loneliness. Seeking truth and pragmatism, frontier innovation, and poverty. This is exactly what people expect from the spirit of science. But in fact, Han Chunyu's words and deeds today are totally contrary to the spirit of science.

There is no spirit of seeking truth - before the publication of the paper, it was proved that repeatability is the work that scientists must do. Respecting experimental data and results is the most basic scientific spirit, but Han Chunyu failed to do so. Not only did he not seek truth from himself, he also persuaded his students to spend their time writing papers and doing experiments opening restaurants and doing business. As for the diploma, buying a paper would be enough.

There is no Positivism - scientific experiments must be repeatable, positivism is the cornerstone of science, without which all discussions about the spirit of science are nihilistic. However, when the Han Chunyu incident was in dispute, the relevant leaders of his Hebei University of Science and Technology said many times that "experiments are sometimes unrepeatable", "there are too many experiments that can not be repeated in the biological world" and "you can not repeat the assertion that others can not repeat it".

There is no questioning spirit - at first, Han Chunyu's experiment was finally determined by many scientists can not be repeated, in the face of questioning he refused to accept, has a variety of reasons to stop, excuse.

There is no rational spirit - when the voice of criticism came, Han Chunyu thought that "someone wanted to harm me", "because I moved someone else's cake, they would falsely accuse me", "I am not a circle with them, so they do not approve of me." This statement is not a scientist should have, let alone solve scientific problems. Some ideas.

Han Chunyu likes to use the line "Actually, I'm a scientist" in "The King of Comedy" to express his frustrating fame --- just as a "dragon set" of the dream of perseverance makes him a superstar, small people's scientific dreams will always shine one day. But in fact, what Han Chunyu did just shows that the so-called "scientific dream" deviating from the spirit of science can only taint the word "science".

Scientific dreams only belong to those who truly love science, respect science and adhere to the spirit of science.

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Source: ScienceDaily daily

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