Net loan regulation is further overweight, Beijing monetary authority requires P2P to hand in 89 more materials.

Net loan regulation is further overweight, Beijing monetary authority requires P2P to hand in 89 more materials.

Du Chuan

[according to the contents of the supplementary circular, the content to be submitted by the net lending institution has been further refined. Net lending institutions need to supplement the information submitted by a total of 9 categories of 89. ]

In the near future, a series of measures have been taken to deal with the Internet lending industry, such as cracking down on debt evasion, introducing AMC to deal with non-performing assets, and conducting self-discipline and self-examination. At the same time, the regulatory authorities around the country are also stepping up supervision efforts to find out the status of the stock and curb the spread of risk.

Recently, the Beijing Financial Bureau issued a Supplementary Notice on Starting the Self-Examination of Peer-to-Peer Network Lending Institutions Registered in Beijing (hereinafter referred to as the Supplementary Notice), requiring the jurisdictional network lending institutions to issue the Notice on Starting the Self-Examination of Peer-to-Peer Network Lending Institutions Registered in Beijing (hereinafter referred to as the Notice) on August 24. Supplementary materials for self examination and administrative verification were submitted at the latest in October 15th.

According to the contents of the "Supplementary Circular", the content to be submitted by the net lending institution has been further refined. There are 9 categories and 89 items of supplementary information submitted by Internet lending institutions, including company basic information, company system documents and related certification materials, contract documents and related certification materials, information disclosure, information security, illustrative documents, and other information.

It is worth noting that the self-examination work is aimed at all the network lending institutions within the jurisdiction. Some of the network lending institutions that have not yet become members of the association still have to submit relevant self-discipline inspection reports.

A supervisor close to Beijing Financial Office told First Finance, "The self-examination work is aimed at all the network lending institutions within the jurisdiction. After the completion of the platform, all reports are submitted through the financial management system in a unified manner." According to the "List of Materials for Self-Disciplined Inspection and Administrative Verification" in the Supplementary Notice, the Internet lending institutions can start uploading all materials to the Financial Management System from September 13, 2018 to cooperate with the implementation of self-disciplined inspection and administrative verification.

Relevance as the focus of investigation

As early as August 24th, the Beijing monetary authority opened the P2P self-examination. The "Supplementary Notice" proposed that the Internet lending institutions need to provide the necessary working conditions for the inspection and to assist the inspection team with the relevant requirements, including but not limited to interviews, on-site demonstrations, sampling and other forms.

According to the contents of the supplementary notice, the information submitted by enterprises needs to be more detailed. For example, the Internet lending institutions need to submit statistics of shareholders, actual controllers, directors, supervisors and senior managers holding more than 5% of the shares (voting rights) and related information such as ID cards and mobile phone numbers of close relatives of the above-mentioned personnel, as well as the resumes of directors and supervisors of Internet lending institutions.

The first financial reporter learned that before the violation of the platform, a mutual fund platform in Beijing platform business guarantee agencies and the actual controller of the situation related to the existence of "self-guarantee" suspect. In addition, the platform also has the phenomenon that the loan agency supervisor and the platform supervisor are the same natural persons.

On the issue of related relationship, the online lending platform needs to provide the business license of the branch established by the company, the actual controller, the business license of the company's foreign investment institution, the business license and list of other related organizations. If the related party has financing situation on the platform, the related party's financing situation shall be submitted.

The relationship between the principal shareholders, actual controllers, directors, supervisors and senior managers of network institutions and their direct or indirect control, significant influence enterprises and natural persons, and other relationships that may lead to the transfer of interests of information intermediaries for network lending (principal shareholders, holding or controlling network information lending) A natural person, legal person or other organization with more than 5% of shares or voting rights in a loan intermediary; directly or indirectly controlling an enterprise means holding more than 5% of the shares or voting rights of the enterprise directly or indirectly.

In addition, the supplementary circular puts forward the risk of stock risk of the current platform. The platform shall provide a list of violations of Article 10 and the quota stipulated in the Interim Measures for the Management of Operational Activities of Internet Lending Information Intermediaries, including the headings that have been dissolved and have not yet been resolved. At the same time, the resolution of the report should also include the handling methods, process and resolution schedule of the violation.

According to the contents of the circular issued before, each institution has set up a self-examination group headed by the principal person in charge. The self-examination group is composed of the actual controller, the major shareholder, the chairman of the board, the CEO and the compliance person in charge. The principal person in charge should be fully responsible and ultimately responsible for the authenticity of the results of the self-examination, and the compliance person in charge is specifically responsible for the self-examination. Work.

Administrative inspection attaches great importance to the authenticity of the material. In the process of self-examination, the online lending platform requires that the results of self-examination be objective and accurate. The self-examination report should be signed by the official seal of the organization, senior executives and major shareholders, and the authenticity promises signed by senior executives and major shareholders.

Compliance inspection results are emerging.

With the issue of the Notice on Compliance Inspection of P2P Network Lending Institutions and the issue of Article 108 of the Compliance Inspection Question List, the market is regarded as a positive signal that the Internet lending platform meets the filing standards.

Li Honghan, a researcher at the International Monetary Institute of Renmin University of China, believes that the market of China's online lending industry is still vast, and the frequent thunderstorms that have occurred before are only the pains that must be experienced in the course of the industry's development. The main reason why garbage platforms need to be standardized and cleaned is that their risk prevention and control measures are weak and their liquidity management ability is poor. It is very important for financial science and technology to support the development of real economy to control the risk of online lending platform. Cleaning up the garbage platform will guide the industry and financial industry to standardize.

At present, the net loan industry compliance inspection results are emerging. Recently, the first financial reporter learned from the Internet lending and Mutual Fund Rectification Office that various localities are actively promoting the risk management of their own institutions, and that some of them are already in effect through asset restructuring with other platforms, business cooperation with financial institutions, business transformation of Internet lending institutions, and mergers and acquisitions among institutions. Now there is a healthy exit without risk. Reporters learned that there has been a successful exit from the benign platform in Beijing.

Since the nationwide clearance and rectification of network loans, Beijing has been more stringent in rectification efforts. According to the reporter's understanding, in the stage of self-examination, the network lending platform in Beijing needs to hire law firms and accounting firms, according to the contents of the 108 list of issues, self-rectification self-examination, and the formation of self-examination report.

However, due to the number of Internet financial institutions and the professionalism and complexity of Internet financial business, the Beijing Municipal Financial Bureau has previously openly invited tenders to hire 10 law firms and 10 Accounting firms. These law firms and accounting offices will assist the Beijing monetary authority in on-site inspection.

"We will also examine whether the accounting firms and law firms that intend to invite tenders have cooperated with the Internet lending platforms before, and which platforms are they respectively." Earlier, a person close to Beijing's finance office said to the first financial reporter. And for the next acceptance work, a close supervisor told reporters that the specific work process arrangements are still under discussion, has not yet been finalized.

A person in charge of a platform in Beijing told the first financial reporter that the rectification direction is clear and the industry is deeply purified, which not only stabilizes the market expectations, but also lays a foundation for the follow-up filing work. In the future, on the basis of information intermediary, with the advancement of network loan filing compliance work, regulatory policy will continue to land, believe that the number of platforms to access the batch system will continue to increase, and establish a bridge of trust between investors and platforms.

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