The PLA's SI system will resume the whole army's work and rest numbers since October 1st.

The PLA's SI system will resume the whole army's work and rest numbers since October 1st.

According to Wechat's public name "Military News Reporter" (ID: jfjbdzzy) on September 11, the reporter learned from the Central Military Commission Training Management Department that the restoration and improvement of the system of our military commander is proceeding in an orderly manner, planned to resume broadcasting from October 1, issued daily routine instructions. From August 1st next year, the whole army will implement the new system.

According to the leadership of the Army Management Bureau of the Military Commission's Training and Management Department, restoring and perfecting the system of our army's headquarters is an important measure to carry out Chairman Xi's important instructions on inheriting and carrying forward the fine traditions of our army. It is necessary to strengthen the awareness of the command, inherit the red gene, promote the normalization and boost the morale of the army. The area will play an important role.

Since the 1980s, with the evolution of the war pattern and the development of our army's modernization, the command and communication function of the military signal has been gradually weakened, and the function of the military signal, which used to be dominated by command and communication, has been positioned with the times. Change, reform and war are not compatible. This restoration and improvement of the number system, the number of the new functions and positioning of the adjustment and improvement, with the army management as the main, taking into account command communications and military culture building functions.

It is understood that the new system clearly regulates the occasions and occasions for the use of the military number, and clarifies the form of the number that combines the playing and playing of the horn by the commander, and adjusts and arranges the number officers by taking part-time as the main and full-time as the supplement. The original 109 kinds of number sheets are classified into four categories, namely, category of headings, category of service, category of combat and category of ceremony. It will be streamlined and optimized into 21 types of three categories, rest and action, action and ceremony.

The new army routine numbers include 11 standard numbers such as wake-up number, exit number, close number, opening number, class number, end number, nap number, noon start number, late roll-call number, lights-out number and rest number. On October 1, different units stationed in the same battalion area shall broadcast their work and rest numbers uniformly by the battalion management units, which may also be carried out separately according to their needs; the troops stationed in Hong Kong and Macao, the troops stationed in overseas support bases and other units (sub-units) of the overseas mission departments (sub-units) shall use the work and rest numbers in accordance with local actual conditions; and the work and rest numbers shall not be broadcast for special reasons. The rest number is determined by the brigade or regiment level.

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