Half moon: to be a tree is really typical, not to create "bonsai".

Half moon: to be a tree is really typical, not to create

Original title: eight characters are not left behind. Typical trees are "quick prototype" and "bonsai typical".

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It is a good thing to set up benchmarking and give play to typical demonstration and encouragement in our work. However, a recent interview by a semi-monthly reporter learned that some local work has just started on the anxious summary of achievements, processing of typical, emerged to create a "rapid prototype" and "bonsai typical" twist, not only to carry out grass-roots work is not beneficial, but also worsen the grass-roots political ecology, the steadfast and willing cadres caused bad money to expel good money "against" Eliminate ".

"Make a few bonsai, write a few papers, hold a few meetings, send a few reports, visit a few batches, leave a mess."

"Where can the rice stand ripe? How can a tree grow instantly? It's just too difficult. "

A grass-roots cadre in a county in central China told a reporter half a month that the county had carried out a cultural poverty alleviation work in the past two years. As soon as the task was assigned and the work was started, the county committee, relying on "beautiful" materials, won the qualification to hold a city-level on-the-spot work meeting related to this theme. The County Committee also asked the relevant departments and towns to make achievements. Tie experience into a "XX mode", as a typical promotion to the whole province and even the whole country.

The cadres who have been put into practice are crying hard.

"The surface looks bright and powerful, but the heart is trembling for fear that others will see problems and flaws."

The grass-roots cadre said that the county's efforts to focus, heavy gold to create a few "bonsai", the relevant data also mixed with moisture, and finally completed the task.

Recently, a county-level city in the South organized a live meeting. The organizers arranged to visit a typical village for poverty alleviation. On the outside, the village has undergone tremendous changes, infrastructure upgrades and Income-increasing industries. But some grassroots cadres who know the inside story told reporters that the village is a key poverty-alleviation village in the city. All kinds of good policies and projects are concentrated here. The accumulated funds for various policies and industries have exceeded 100 million yuan, and more than 100 large and small projects can not be reproduced.

Work has just started, exploration has just started anxious to create a typical; without a word left, advanced typical materials have been in place; and even worried about the lack of typical, adulterated water counterfeiting... A similar case is not a case.

Some local co-operatives have made outstanding achievements in publicizing the Party branches of co-operatives to the outside world as soon as they have set up Party branches; some have implemented rural revitalization, concentrating resources in villages with better conditions, creating typical projects with bright spots and ignoring other places; and some have just been set up and "rebuilt" because of their immature models. The next shelf.

Many grassroots cadres summed up this "typical tree" routine as "making several bonsai, writing several materials, holding several meetings, sending several reports, visiting a few batches, leaving a mess".

"If we do well, we must look at the material report; if the new model is not new, we will see that the bonsai is not refined."

A Secretary of a township Party Committee worries that if this phenomenon is not curbed in time, it will lead to a view of the achievements of grass-roots cadres and breed serious exaggeration. Once such a "typical" has been affirmed by the higher authorities, it means that opportunism is encouraged, which will lead to "reverse elimination" of cadres at the grass-roots level who are solid in their work and down-to-earth, and the phenomenon of eliminating good coins from bad ones.

Is there any shortcut in assessing performance?

Some of the leading cadres deviated from their views on political achievements. In order to seek personal political achievements, they spared no expense in creating "rapid prototype", "bonsai prototype", or even fraudulent. Zhuang Deshui, deputy director of the Center for Clean and Corrupt Government Construction Research at Peking University, said that some places now downplay the GDP assessment and take the experience effect as a shortcut for their achievements. He hoped that the so-called experience summary and highlights of work would arouse the attention of higher-level leaders.

The existence of formalism and bureaucracy in the examination of superiors has also encouraged the unhealthy trend of "rapid prototyping" at the grassroots level. Some township cadres told reporters half a month, the higher authorities issued tasks, asked the lower departments more bright spots more achievements. But the next needle, the top thousand lines, all kinds of tasks eventually implemented at the county, Township level, in the case of energy constraints, the following can sometimes only tree typical coping with inspection.

There are grass-roots cadres, for example: the promotion of a work from the provincial level to the township, passed down from level to level, it takes a period of time, the township preparation time is less, and sometimes just received the notice to carry out the work, not yet understand the situation will be ready for inspection, and finally can only deal with quickly, take a shortcut to create a typical.

Some cadres told reporters half a month, a work carried out, if the local well, will organize the convening of on-site meetings to promote, and held on-site meetings of towns, counties and cities, in the examination will be added points. In some places, it is important to prepare materials, make models, and figure out how to win the opportunity to hold on-site workshops.

If you want trees to be typical, you cannot create bonsai.

The power of example is endless. It is a good way to drive work with typical experience, but the premise is to set up a true model.

Many grassroots cadres appealed to guide and encourage grassroots to respect the practical effect, explore steadily and practically, and ensure that the "typical experience" can stand and be used. We should work hard on the system design of exact examination, deal with formalism, more importantly, deal with bureaucracy, and improve the scientificity of supervision and examination.

"To do more research in the field, less in the office as statistician." A vice-mayor of a township in Guangdong said that the higher authorities should pay more attention to the evaluation and voice of the people and listen to the opinions of the people when examining and assessing.

Zhuang Deshui suggested that, if conditions permit, the assessment can be moderately introduced to the third party assessment, listen to the opinions and feedback of the people, sink, and conduct a solid inspection.

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