Foot kick Taiwan comfort women bronze statue Japanese argue that the foot is so shameless?

Foot kick Taiwan comfort women bronze statue Japanese argue that the foot is so shameless?

Original title: some Japanese shameless, thoroughly see!

The Japanese, who kicked the bronze statue of the comfort women in Taiwan, argued that they did not kick, but they were feet numb.

Japan's right-wing organization member Shihiko Fujii kicked a bronze statue of a comfort woman in Tainan, triggering a strong public reaction. Not only was the "Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association" blocked by the public protests, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's social network account was "blown up". After being scolded for a whole day, Shihiko Fujii responded by arguing that he was "stretching because his feet are numb".

Fujii Shihiko Fujii, director of the National Movement for the Truth of Comfort Women, trampled a bronze statue of a comfort woman in Tainan, but was photographed by surveillance equipment. The incident was made public by Sherron, a member of the Kuomintang City Council of Tainan, which triggered an uproar in Taiwan.

On the evening of the 10th, Shihiko Fujii issued a statement through his friend's social network account, claiming that he did not kick the bronze statue of comfort woman. When he arrived in Tainan, he had some blood and breath problems because he maintained the same posture for a long time. His feet were paralyzed and stretched out many times, resulting in the interception of surveillance video. He also suspected that the Kuomintang processed photographs and fabricated them as its "election props".

Fujii said the kick was due to leg numbness (photo: Facebook "Shun Ferguson Fujiki")

In response to Fujii Shihiko's statement, Li Zhenghao, the founder of the Kuomintang Youth League grass association, doubted why the foot stretching was specially hired to take pictures, "take pictures of the foot numbness?"

Li Zhenghao said on social networks that Fujii's use of such bad lines to justify insults to Taiwan's intelligence quotient, "or (insults) Japanese intelligence quotient?" He thought it was no surprise that Shihiko Fujii would argue this way, because he was the representative of the group of people who had the least courage and commitment in Japan.

He said he had always looked down upon the Japanese soldiers who had committed suicide by caesarean section just before the defeat. In his view, they had chosen to face death with only a little courage because they were not brave enough to face reality. "And Fujii Mihiro is the representative of this group."

Li Zhenghao questioned why Fujii took pictures of his legs for help (Facebook screenshot)

Li Zhenghao said that if his ancestors did not have the courage to face the error of invading the world, how can they expect him to face the error of treading the bronze statue of the comfort woman? "If you dare not face it, you won't have to face it. All Taiwanese will see you once!"

Fujii has returned to Japan on the 8th, and his Facebook account has been "human flesh search" by Taiwanese people. It has shut down some functions and can only display posts up to 2015.

But netizens could still find a way to protest, and then went to Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Facebook message, asking Fujii to return to the bronze statue of the comfort woman to apologize.

Netizens from the island asked for an apology to Abe Shinzo's social networking account (Facebook screenshot)

On the 11th, Geng Shuang, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, also mentioned that the incident had offended and aroused public anger on the island.

Geng Shuang said that it is well known that the forced consolation of women is a serious anti-humanitarian crime committed by Japanese militarism against the people of many victimized countries during World War II, and it is an internationally recognized historical fact. China hopes that Japan will face up to the concerns of its Asian neighbors and the international community and properly handle relevant issues with a responsible attitude. In addition, we should remind individual Japanese right-wingers that China has a saying that those who insult others must insult themselves, hoping that they can reflect on themselves.

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