"Increasing college students' burden" has become a hot topic. Most of the graduates have applauded.

The original title: Ministry of Education issued a paper abolishing the "Qingkao" system, as they have gone out of the University campus, how do they see "college students increase the burden" has graduated from the majority of applause

Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a circular calling for "comprehensive rectification of undergraduate education and teaching order, strict process management". The notice mentioned that we should eliminate the "water course" in the University curriculum, increase the difficulty and depth of the curriculum reasonably, abolish the "clean examination" system, and strengthen the management of all aspects of the graduation thesis to improve the quality of the graduation thesis (design).

When the notice was issued, "increasing the burden of college students" suddenly became a hot topic.

A survey showed that 40% of people regretted wasting their time at university. Yesterday, a reporter from the Chongqing Morning Post interviewed several college students who had graduated in the past two years to listen to one of the most regretful things in their college life.



Busy every day, but not planning the future.

Sun, a financial major, is a new graduate in 2018. His greatest regret is that he has not set his own goals in college. In fact, Xiaosun in the University during the performance of various subjects is very good, while serving as a college student cadre, everyday life is very busy.

But after graduation, recalling his college experience, he used the word "drift with the tide." Every day is really very full and busy, but in the end do not know what they have done, to their future want to do is also a confusion. Up to now, Xiao Sun has not found a stable job even though he has obtained his diploma.

Reflecting on his studies and studies, Sun felt that he was not good enough. Although he did well, he knew clearly that it was just the result of intense review before the exam.

"Learning is a process of long-term accumulation." If we study hard in every class, we will gain more knowledge. He feels that his ability to turn theory into practice is also relatively weak, during the university more just talk on paper, no matter how high the score without practical experience, graduate job hunting is no good.



Professional did not learn well, want to graduate exam to make up for regret.

Xu Liguo is a college student majoring in sports. Since he entered the university, he wanted to graduate quickly to realize his dream of joining the army. Professional courses, elective courses, cross-disciplinary elective courses filled the daily schedule, he spent three years to complete the credit. With all aspects outstanding, Xu Li Guo successfully applied for early graduation.

Xu Liguo retired from the army in September this year. He said that it might be envious for many people to graduate early from college. But now he thinks about it, there are many regrets left, such as no graduation photo, no crazy with his classmates, the most regrettable thing is that he did not study his professional courses in depth.

At that time, Xu Liguo had a lot of lessons every day, but most of them were for credit, some were just writing homework, but the last thing he really learned was very little.

Xu Liguo feels that going to college depends entirely on your own consciousness, and few teachers urge you to study. Now retired, when he was looking for a job, he found that professional knowledge is still very important, without a skill, it is impossible to rely solely on one cavity of blood in society.

"Sports students, perhaps in the eyes of others, this professional students do not need to learn anything, can play well, understand some rules of the game on the line, in fact, there are many things to learn." So next, Xu Liguo wants to make up for his own regrets by taking the postgraduate entrance examination and concentrate on his sports major.



A few days before graduation.

Xiao Li studied Japanese in University. He summed up his college life with two words: "decadent and muddleheaded".

"College, to a relatively free environment, in terms of time control, only give less time to study, let alone go to the library." Until the time of graduation, I heard my classmates say that the library has a closed bell. "I think this bell must be very pleasant, but I have no chance to hear this decadent youth."

Speaking of whether there is any reflection on College studies, Xiao Li smiled and said, "How much reflection should you ask me?" Xiao Li didn't study his favorite major. He didn't think about using his grades well to get the qualifications to change his major. Instead, he skipped classes to avoid things he didn't like.

After graduation, Xiao Li was shocked to learn little about his professional knowledge. "Now I understand that even if you don't like it, you have to master the most basic knowledge."

It is not complete that the university that has not passed the subject has been circulated on the Internet. Xiao Li thinks this sentence is funny. In fact, only those who have passed the subject can understand the pain of hanging the subject.

Japanese is very professional, and it will not be impossible to pass the exam. Xiao Li's "peak hour" has been hung up for six periods. Even a few days before graduation, he reconstituted a subject. Speaking of this, xiao li himself felt ashamed. Now Xiao Li is working hard to try again.



Set goals, but do not play a test to a card.

As a math graduate, Xiaoyu sometimes sighs, "When I have to start working hard, I find that I graduated."

Xiaoyu made a lot of plans when he was a freshman. Accounting Certificate and Teacher Qualification Certificate are part of it. But there were many temptations in college. Soon, the time spent playing exceeded the time spent studying. As time went on, she left the research behind.

"College study time is relatively free, are dependent on their own choice, their own allocation of time, my self-discipline is too poor." It's too late to find a job and ask for a variety of certificates.

Now Xiaoyu to make up for the regret, while working while reading, but sometimes, she just picked up the book was called to work by the leadership.

She is eager to tell the students who are still at school to make good use of their study time and do what they want to do in time. Otherwise, there is not enough time to do it after work. "Now I find that I have missed the most free learning time in my life."



Once I got a certificate, I did not participate in a club activity.

A year ago, Xiao Chen graduated from a famous university in China. In the past four years, a community has not participated in it. It is the most regrettable thing for him.

Xiao Chen did well in the college entrance examination. When filling in his application, he considered staying close to home and chose a school which was slightly lower. When freshman entered school, he began to regret his choice. "Shortly after school began, the school's hot club recruited new students, our dormitory students have gone, but take a look at the flowers, read some introductions, and finally choose an English-related club."

However, after taking pictures, paying membership fees and receiving community certificates, Xiao Chen did not participate in the last event. "At that time, the mentality was not good, not only did the community activities fail, but also the examinations were hung up."

It wasn't until his junior year that Xiao Chen slowly adjusted his mind and kept up with his studies. However, not joining the club became a regret that the university could not erase.

When I was a junior, my classmates were usually busy studying, and no one joined the club again. Even if I want to take part in any activities, there are few classmates in the same grade.

Xiao Chen said that during college, in addition to knowing students with the same major and dormitory, no more can play with like-minded friends, there is no interpersonal interaction, "To be honest, now think, sometimes quite lonely."

Teacher's opinion

Rationally increasing the burden and eliminating the phenomenon of mixed diplomas

Tao Da, General Secretary of the Youth League of the College of Humanities and Arts of Chongqing University of Science and Technology, believes that the Ministry of Education should reasonably "increase the burden" on College students, which is an inevitable requirement for college students to adapt to the new situation.

From the perspective of social development, College students, as a new force in the future social construction, shoulder the future of the country and the hope of the nation. They need to seek truth and learn to practice their ability. They need to give college students a reasonable "burden" and put an end to the phenomenon of College mixed diploma.

In terms of improving the quality of personnel training in Colleges and universities, reasonable "burden increase" is conducive to improving college students'knowledge and skills, and improving the quality of personnel training.

As far as students'personal growth is concerned, it is conducive to enhancing their sense of urgency, creating a good learning atmosphere and improving their comprehensive ability.

Tao Da said that the reasonable "increase of burden" for college students should deal with two pairs of relations: one is to correctly handle the relationship between classroom attraction and effectiveness for teachers; the other is to correctly handle the relationship between the assessment and evaluation of higher authorities and the actual development of schools.

Li, an ideological and political major at a university in Chongqing, said that "increasing the burden" of universities is not an isolated proposition. "Happy universities" and "desperate middle schools" are actually two sides of the same coin. Many students come to the University for revenge, which is closely related to the heavy burden of learning in primary and secondary schools.

In fact, the basic education stage should be more happy, cultivate interest in learning; to the higher education stage, we should increase the intensity of schoolwork and pass the difficulty, for students to further study or enter the community to lay a solid foundation. While increasing the burden of "happy universities", it is also extremely important to reduce the burden of "desperate middle schools" and primary schools.

Xiong Bingqi, deputy dean of the 21st Century Institute of Education, said that the abolition of the "Qingkao" system is to hope that universities do not give students "water" in order to improve the quality of undergraduate education. However, the issue of articles can not solve the problem of lax school training, but also must reform the evaluation system of teachers and universities. Especially, we should cancel the statistics and evaluation of the employment rate of colleges and universities, and establish a new system to evaluate the quality of school education and teaching.

Why do universities in our country have the "Qingkao" system - "Qingkao" is aimed at students who fail in the exam and fail in the make-up exam to provide a chance to take one or two exams when they graduate. The starting point is to enable students to get a diploma.

The design of this system has something to do with the employment rate used by the education department and the public opinion to evaluate the quality of running a university. In order to improve the employment rate, many schools focus on the employment rate, including the year of the senior year, and turn it into the year of employment, allowing students to find jobs and practice in employment. The courses offered in this year are Cheng, including the graduation thesis (design) links that require students to complete, all turn on the green light for students, directly leading to the shrinkage of University education, graduation thesis (design) links, for many students are perfunctory treatment.

In addition, in order to improve the employment rate, let students find a job, the school also does not want the students'report card is not good, or even can not get a diploma, therefore, the examination requirements are not high, the school also try to let the students pass as far as possible.

To improve the quality of undergraduate education, we must change the orientation that undergraduate education only looks at the employment rate, and pay attention to the real education for students. Only in this way can we stop the "water lesson" and improve the difficulty of examination and strictly control the graduation pass.

Netizens claim

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