Hubei, a family of three poor sons in poverty, wrote a letter: Dad changed, mom was thin.

Hubei, a family of three poor sons in poverty, wrote a letter: Dad changed, mom was thin.

Original title: look at crying! Hubei three families in poverty alleviation, son wrote home letters: Dad changed, mom thin, I...

Zhang Yiran, a college student village official, has been working as an assistant village director in Huangnigang Village, Hongshan Town, Yingshan County for two years. Accurate poverty alleviation is one of his most important daily tasks.

His father, Zhang Cheng, director of the trade union of Yingshan County Commission for Discipline Inspection, and a discipline inspector at the orthodox level, became the leader of the poverty alleviation team in Simaoling Village, Yangliuwan Town, Yingshan County in August 2016.

Zhang Yiran's mother, who is in charge of the Planning Unit of the Immigration Bureau of Yingshan County, carried out assistance work at the site of Luotangao Village in Fangjiazui Township from August 2017 to the beginning of this year.

"One is busy helping, three are in the same village". Recently, Zhang Yiran wrote a letter to his parents, brushing up his circle of friends.

Dear mom and Dad:

Hard work! I have a lot of words to tell you, but I always feel like I can't talk about it. Recently, I saw some media soliciting letters from the poor cadres, and I also plucked up the courage to write this letter to you.

Dad, I want to tell you that you have changed!

Every night before I go to bed, I always turn on "WeChat step" to see how many steps you take. I've found that you've become a sportsman, with about 20,000 steps a day, and you've been in the top three for a long time. Through the list, it seems that I see you busy in the fields, you are talking with the poor people, and you are working with your parents and fellow villagers for development.

I remember one day in July, I was surprised to see your dark face, but you laughed and asked me, "Does Dad look like a farmer now?" I remember when you were having dinner, you proudly told me that the villagers said you were a true Party member. The gold cup and silver cup are not as good as the common people's reputation. I want to have a match with you: look at the two of us who can do better work.

Some people say you are not good at speaking. I used to believe it because you didn't talk much at home. But now, I find that you have become talkative. Every Friday, when I pick you up from your place of residence, I always find you and the masses fighting fiercely, with endless words. Several times you wore a straw hat to work with the masses. I didn't recognize it at all.

Mom, I want to tell you that you are thin!

I remember last year when you were stationed to help Fangjiazui Township, Rongtangao Village, I visited you once. During the day, you swept through the highway with the masses with brooms. At night, you danced the square dance happily with the masses. That night, I suddenly found that you lost a lot. You humorously say, this is also the harvest of helping the village, the weight loss effect is good. You also told me that the most important thing to help the poor is to help the poor people in their hearts and make a difference with them. I deeply remember this sentence.

I remember that time I called you and told you that I was going to contact four poor households. Every week, I had to do household visits and help activities. However, as a child who grew up in the county, I really don't know how to communicate with the poor and how to help them. At that time, there was a strong feeling of not being able to make up. It is you who squeeze out the evening time to come to my precise poverty alleviation village, take me one by one to visit the poor households I contact and help, with their words and deeds to teach me how to close the poor households, how to contact the gas and the masses.

Mom, I know you are busy, tired and hard. Because of the work needs of your unit and taking into account the specific circumstances of our family, your work tasks have been adjusted, you are no longer a member of the village team. But both my father and I know that the burden on your shoulders is heavier. Grandparents are old, sick and inconvenient. You should take them home and work hard to care for them. Three relatives, six people, and friends to you, all the family members are short, big and small. Despite the busy day and night, but you never cry bitter, always repeatedly told my father and I to work at ease, do not worry about home. Mom, whenever I think of these things, I feel a happiness.

I used to be a kid with food and clothes to stretch out my hands, but now I've learned to cook, to deal with grass-roots people, to do simple farm work. This Friday evening, I'm going to show you all the housework and dinner. By the way, during the summer vacation, I carried out a "love class" activity in the village where I was stationed. I gave homework to children from poor families and left-behind children, and taught them how to origami and handicraft. It was very interesting. My aunts and uncles all praised me very much.

Dear mom and Dad, you have me on the road to poverty alleviation. Let's go for it together!

Source: Hubei Daily reporter Liu Changsong correspondent Lei Gang

Editor in chief: Zhang Shen

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