Beijing Internet court received two applications for filing 207 days.

Beijing Internet court received two applications for filing 207 days.

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

Beijing Internet court received 207 applications for filing on the two day.

How to sit on the Internet court

On September 9, the Beijing Internet Court was set up. According to a court source, the dispute over the right to disseminate information on the Internet between "jitter video" and "partner video" became the first case accepted by the Beijing Internet Court.

The two day platform visits exceed 200 thousand times.

According to data released by the Beijing Internet Court, as of 18:00 on September 10, the total number of visits to the platform reached 207,300, with 586 registered users and 207 applications for filing cases on the Internet. And "jitter short video" sues "co-shooting small video" information network dissemination right dispute has become the first case accepted by the Beijing Internet court.

It is understood that the case is the plaintiff in Beijing Internet Court Electronic Litigation Platform submitted online litigation materials and filing applications, after the Beijing Internet Court on-line examination of the court judge, the case has been formally accepted. According to the introduction of the Internet Court, the court will follow the basic idea of "online trial of online cases", through the whole process of online service platform integration, to achieve the case prosecution, mediation, filing, service, court trial, pronouncement, execution, appeal and other litigation links online, the parties can register their accounts in real time. Grasp the progress of the case.

Follow up applications will be opened.

Internet users can apply online.

Beijing Internet court staff told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter that at present, "bystander" function is being developed, the follow-up will open the application of bystanders. At that time, netizens can apply online to listen, after the judge's review, download the client and register the account, you can watch their own application for the trial of the case by listening. "We will have a client announcement later, and the client is still testing." He also said that the parties can also participate in the trial through the "remote session" client, in Beijing Internet Court homepage electronic litigation platform can be downloaded, but currently only support the PC side.

The legal protection of short video industry is in the exploratory stage.

In September 10th, the Internet Court released its first case. It is learnt that the plaintiff Beijing Microcast Vision Technology Co., Ltd. complained that "dithered short video" by the plaintiff lawfully owned and operated by the original short video sharing platform. The plaintiff has the exclusive right to disseminate information on the Internet and to defend the rights exclusively for the short video created by the creator who signed the exclusive agreement.

"5.12, I want to tell you" short video released on the platform of "Shake Short Video" is created independently by the short video creator "Black Face V" and should be protected by the copyright law of our country. The defendant's 100 degree online network technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and the defendant's two Beijing Baidu Netcom Technology Co., Ltd. jointly provide users with the download, installation, operation and updating of related functions, and promote the "co-shooting video". The plaintiff found that after the short video was released on the dithering platform, the two defendants, without the plaintiff's permission, disseminated and downloaded the video on the "co-shooting video" they owned and operated. The plaintiff demanded that the two defendants stop the infringement and compensate the plaintiff for the economic loss of 1 million yuan and the lawsuit reasonable expenditure of 50,000 yuan.

It is worth mentioning that in the case of infringement forensics, the third-party platform Beijing "Zhongjing Balance" carried out block chain forensics, which is the first time the video industry in the rights of the use of "block chain" this frontier forensics technology. The court held that at present, the legal protection of short video industry both at home and abroad is in the exploratory stage. As the first lawsuit of copyright of short video between the two platforms, whether the short video constitutes a work, the right boundary between the short video platforms and users, and the application of block chain forensics and certification technology in judicial practice are worth paying attention to.

Text / reporter Wen Jing

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