Russia: Syed ribo province began filming government troops using chemical weapons fake video

Russia: Syed ribo province began filming government troops using chemical weapons fake video

[Observer Network synthesis] Russian satellite news agency reported on September 11, the Russian mediation center in Syria said that according to the news from the residents of Idlib, the local government has begun to shoot so-called provocative video of the use of chemical weapons.

"According to the information from the residents, the town of Giselshugur is currently shooting a provocative video of the so-called Syrian army's use of chemical weapons against civilians," the source said.

The news also said that in order to make the video realistic and "white-helmeted molecules" timely collection of soil samples, 11 morning armed elements have been carrying containers containing chlorine substances to the Idlib province of Giselshugur.

Sources pointed out that according to the video script, the Syrian army used the so-called "barrel bomb" after the "White Helmet Organization" activists to provide so-called assistance to the residents of Giselshugur.

The shooting teams of some Middle East TV channels and the local correspondent station of a major US television station arrived in the town of Giselshulgur in the morning to take pictures.

Russia's Mediation Center issued a message that: "Giselschuguer town shooting all the scenes should be given to the editor of the television channel at night for editing, first in the social network, and then broadcast on television."

Last month, the United States, Britain and France issued a so-called joint statement warning Syrian President Assad if chemical weapons are used in the course of the attack to recapture Idlib province, the three countries will take action to respond.

"We also want to stress our concern about the possible further illegal use of chemical weapons," the joint statement said. Once the Assad regime again uses chemical weapons, we will still respond resolutely.

On August 25, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Konashenkov said that the terrorists of the Sham Liberation Organization were preparing to launch a provocation to accuse Damascus of using chemical weapons against civilians in Syria's Idlib province.

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