Weihai is surprised to see "dragon water absorption".

Weihai is surprised to see

Original title: Super shock! Weihai Chengshan is surprised by the wonders of dragon water absorption.

Recently, in addition to the rain in Weihai,

We also welcome a rare visitor.

Yesterday morning,

Some netizens are on the water near the Chengshan scenic spot in Rongcheng.

Recorded this picture.

In the picture, there were two "thorns" in the dark clouds first.

As the lens moves to the left,

There are third "thorns" in the picture.

There are people at other angles.

The scene was also shocked.

Yesterday morning,

In the vicinity of Chengshan scenic area, Weihai,

A total of ten dozen large and small tornado have appeared.

"At first, it was thought that the dark clouds had spines.

As a result, the thorn grew longer.

Until the waves that were stirred up on the sea were discovered.

We know that this phenomenon is not simple.

On the afternoon of September 11th,

Reporters to the Chengshan scenic spot management committee to verify the authenticity of online video.

Relevant staff said the online video was true.

"Water tornado" commonly known as "dragon suction" or "dragon suspension water", is a kind of tornado occurring above the warm water surface. The upper end of the tornado joins the thundercloud, and the lower end extends directly to the surface of the water. The air revolves rapidly around the tornado's axis, moving as it moves. Attracted by the extreme reduction of the pressure in the center of the tornado, the water is drawn into the bottom of the vortex and then becomes an upward vortex around the axis, and the "water tornado" is created.

Someone else posted it in the circle of friends.

Yesterday, the contrast of Chengshan scenic area.

The first second is clear and cloudless.

After a second, black clouds covered the roof.

It's really an eye opener.

Source: Volkswagen Weihai channel, @ Shandong Weihai Xi Xia, Shandong 24 hours.

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