Gang fraud has disbanded loans and hostage more than 60 people about 3000000

Gang fraud has disbanded loans and hostage more than 60 people about 3000000

Original Title: Fraud gangs learned to deceive in Han Dynasty, then disbanded and changed faces to continue the loan fraud trapped more than 60 people more than 3 million yuan

Chutian Metropolis Daily trainee reporter Zhang Lijing correspondent Zhu Linrui Yan Yong Ge Zhao Xiaohong

Within a day, more than 30 reporters swarmed into the Jianghan District Bureau of Wuhan Public Security Bureau to report that Wuhan Chuangxin Jiahui Information Consulting Services Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chuangxin Jiahui Company") used gimmicks such as "agency loan business" and "10 to 100 times enlarged loan quota" to solicit customers to cheat money and run away after the incident was revealed.

In June of this year, Liu, a shareholder of Chuangxin Jiahui company, was arrested in Xi'an. According to Liu's confession, he and Gong, Zhao, Sun and other people have set up four similar fraud subsidiaries in Wuhan, involving a total of more than 3 million yuan, more than 60 people were deceived.

Low threshold loans were cheated

In November 21, 2017, the Wuhan Public Security Bureau Jianghan District Branch ushered in more than 30 reports. They reported that Chuang Xin Jia Hui ran away after cheating money.

The victim, Ms. Pan, told reporters: "Last August, I saw an advertisement on the Internet that Chuangxin Jiahui Company can handle a large amount of loans, and does not need my credit record, I believe it. They downloaded APP from my mobile phone and immediately credited me with $513,000. They said they could help me expand the loan by 10 times. If I memorized the information they had prepared for me and answered it correctly when the bankers called to review it, the loan could be made. But I answered 5 phone calls before and after, and I failed every time. Later, I went to Chuangxin Jiahui company for argument, only to find that the company was closed.

The police attached great importance to the case and fully pursued the shareholders and staff of the company.

Three kinds of tricks.

In June 7th of this year, Liu, a shareholder of Chuangxin Jiahui company, was arrested in Xi'an. According to clues provided by Liu, the police have captured several employees of the company.

Liu explained that since June last year, he and Gong Mou, Zhao Mou, Sun Mou and others, in Wuhan have established Chuangxin Jiahui Company, Xinda Hengchang Company, Huasheng Changxin Company, Zonghou Labor Service Company, with the learned deception used in the Wuhan financial loan market "to make big money". "We saw three kinds of deception in Beijing: personal credit loan, personal sesame loan and debt paying business. Personal credit loan business is that we provide false information to customers, telling them that there will be small loan companies or banks to call them to verify the loan qualifications, only in full accordance with the information to answer in order to pass the audit. In fact, the callers were all from the company; the personal sesame loan business was similar to the previous one, except that the fees were changed from cash to loans from the microfinance company APP; the debt service was a promise to help our customers magnify the loans from the microfinance company APP through the bank's internal relationship 10 times. By 100 times, the customer gets about 50 percent of the total, no interest, 30 to 50 years of repayment, and the price the customer pays is just a record on the bank's credit history. Liu said.

Cheating is easy.

Mr. Xiao fell into the trap of the gang's "debt business". "In the early November 2017, I heard from my friends that there was a Huasheng Changxin company. After entering, the salesman used my mobile phone to download a few small private loans company APP, in my name loans of 52,000 yuan. When the money arrived, the manager asked me to use the POS card to transfer all the money to a jewelry company's account. The manager said he wanted to borrow the jewellery company to do the business of debt expansion, and then through the bank loan. Mr. Xiao said. But until the 29th of that month, the company's promised loans have not yet arrived, he went to the company to discuss, found that it was empty.

According to Yumou, a clerk of Chuangxin Jiahui Company, the company has no ability to carry out loan enlargement business at all. The so-called "personal credit loans", "personal sesame loans" and "debt business" are aimed at cheating customers'money into their own hands. If the customer asks, the company will delay as much as possible and move away office supplies such as computers in the short term. When walking, the company will destroy all the contracts signed with the customer, and the employees will be disbanded after receiving dividends.

Change faces and continue to cheat.

Every time the deception is successful and things are revealed, Liu and others will temporarily hide for a while, then change their faces, so the trick is repeated.

From February to April this year, Liu and Sun Mou, Gong Mou and Kai Zong thick labor company. "Our group of people came to Wuhan to cheat money. Zonghou Labor claims to be able to find a well-paid job abroad, but to charge customers a service fee. After signing the contract, we will let the customer go home and wait for news. If 3 months are not successful, we will refund the money. In the meantime, we'll try to get as much service as possible, and by the time the customer wakes up, we'll have escaped. Suspect Wang said.

Since June this year, Liu and others have been arrested. After investigation, the four fraudulent subsidiaries involved in the case, from a number of provinces in the country, and most of the post-90s, education levels ranging from primary school to university. 4 companies involved in the total amount of 319 yuan, more than 60 people were cheated.

Reporters learned yesterday from the Jianghan District Procuratorate, Liu Mou and other 14 people have been arrested on suspicion of fraud, and a number of people involved in the fugitive. The case is still being further investigated.

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