Frequent accidents, new energy vehicle industry starts special investigation

Frequent accidents, new energy vehicle industry starts special investigation

Author: Li Yanzheng Wang Wenyan

This year, electric vehicle safety incidents frequently occur. Reporters from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology learned that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has noticed this phenomenon, and asked new energy bus production enterprises to immediately carry out a special investigation of potential safety hazards. At the same time, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will also formulate the "New Energy Vehicle Co-ordinated Innovation and Development Guidelines" (referred to as "Opinions"), to encourage enterprise technological innovation.

Safety incident rings industrial alarm bell

In August 25th, a photo of the spontaneous combustion of a real load trial truck was launched in the industry. In response, Weima Motor announced in a statement on August 26 that the accident occurred at the Weima Automobile Chengdu Research Institute, the spontaneous combustion vehicle is an abandoned and early test vehicle after a series of destructive tests.

Weimar said that the scrap test car has entered the disassembly process, disassembled the circuit protection device and some components, but failed to complete all the disassembly in time, electrical components short circuit caused fire. The incident was effectively controlled at the first time and no injuries were involved.

Although the spontaneous combustion is an abandoned early commissioning vehicle, this is undoubtedly bad news for Weimar, which is about to deliver a mass production vehicle by the end of September.

Reporters found that the spontaneous combustion of the automobile was not an isolated event. Since this year, there have been many electric vehicle fire accidents at home and abroad, involving automotive brands including Tesla, Zontai, Mustang and so on. The main causes of the fire include charging spontaneous combustion, collision and fire.

Frequent natural events of electric vehicles, people have to pay attention to the safety of electric vehicles, but also to the industry alarm, safety is the basis and prerequisite for the development of electric vehicles.

Battery safety needs urgent attention

Electric vehicle accident is the problem of battery or charging pile?

An industry expert familiar with charging facilities told the Shanghai Stock Exchange that the charging piles used by electric logistics vehicles are generally special charging piles which are not open to the public. The ignition and spontaneous combustion of electric logistics vehicle during charging process is more related to battery heating and overcharge, and the charge pile is not directly related.

Liu Yanlong, Secretary-General and senior engineer of the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, told the Shanghai Stock Exchange that as the relevant policies on specific energy and endurance mileage requirements for power batteries have increased substantially, enterprises have reduced battery systems in order to get higher subsidies and higher system energy density requirements. The thermal management requirements have great security risks. In addition, most enterprises still lack sufficient experience in the production of ternary batteries, and the safety and life of batteries need to be tested. Enterprises should attach great importance to the safety of battery cells and systems. Enterprises that ignore safety will have to pay more at the later stage.

Sun Hengzheng, senior expert and engineer in automobile research and strategic management, told reporters that the battery problem should be solved. "The spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles can be controlled if sufficient technical means are adopted and fully verified."

Initiate safety accident investigation mechanism

The reporter learned from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology that the competent bureau has started a vehicle safety early warning and major safety accident investigation mechanism. If there are no casualties caused by fire or burning accidents of new energy passenger cars, the production enterprises shall, within 12 hours (if such accidents cause death or serious social impact, within 6 hours), voluntarily report to the leading department of the joint meeting of the local government on new energy vehicles and the equipment industry development center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Accident investigation will be carried out in time and the results of investigation will be kept for reference. Departments concerned will set up an accident investigation team in conjunction with relevant units according to the severity of the accident, carry out accident investigation with enterprises, and report the investigation results to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for handling.

At the same time, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology requires all new energy bus production enterprises to complete the new energy bus safety hazard investigation by the end of October, and form a written report to report the organization, implementation, existing problems and problem handling of the investigation.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also stressed that, if any fraudulent, false or false reports were found in the investigation, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology would, depending on the nature and severity of the problem, adopt such penalties as publicly notifying, ordering correction within a specified period of time, suspending or canceling the catalogue of recommended vehicles for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, vehicle production enterprises and product announcements.

While rectifying the order of the industry, the direction of the development of new energy vehicles will not change. According to the Ministry of industry and information, new energy vehicle development guidance is being formulated.

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