23 pairs of first-class university presidents speech statistics: this word appears 201 times.

23 pairs of first-class university presidents speech statistics: this word appears 201 times.

The most frequently used words in the opening speeches of 23 top universities are "study", "times" and "development". The students'elder brother principals call on you to study hard.

Entering the middle of September, domestic universities began to start one after another. What did the school principals say again at the opening ceremony? In response, Guangzhou Daily's all-media correspondents counted 23 top-notch University presidents'high-frequency speeches at the opening ceremony. Reporters found that an important feature of this year's principal's speech is a more emphasis on the return of students'basic tasks: learning. In addition, in their speeches, the principals also emphasized that college students should take on the responsibility of the times and the historical mission, hoping that they can have a deeper humanistic feelings and national feelings.

Wen / Guangzhou daily Xu Jing, intern of all media reporter Cheng Zhengkun

For 23 well-known colleges and universities that have already held the opening ceremony, the reporter made a high-frequency word analysis of the president's opening speech. By removing invalid and routine repetitions, reporters found that the first three words that appeared frequently in speeches were learning, times and development. The word "learning" has appeared 201 times in statistics, almost twice as frequently as the second key word "time". Why does this happen?

The Ministry of Education recently issued a circular calling for a complete reorganization of undergraduate education and teaching order to eliminate "water courses", create "golden courses" and resolutely abolish the "Qingkao" system. The emphasis on learning has become a major focus of this year's headmaster's speech.

For example, the topic of the speech by Xu Ningsheng, president of Fudan University, is "Study hard, Study hard"; that by Wu Chaohui, president of Zhejiang University, is "Building the Excellent Ability of Self-regulated Learning"; that by Lin Zhongqin, president of Shanghai Jiaotong University, is "Keeping lofty aspirations, cherishing time as gold"; and that by President of Harbin University of Technology. Zhou Yuzhi, an undergraduate in 2018, cherishes Shaohua, devotes himself to study and is keen to seek knowledge, while Zhang Zongyi, president of Chongqing University, says that "shining or darkening depends on whether you learn the best."

Of course, apart from learning, personality training is also very important. For example, the president of Nanjing University, Lu Jian, hopes that the freshmen "hope that you will gradually become more independent personality, physical and mental health, more active learning, more cooperative action of College students".

The headmaster sent a message: college students should grow up to be "the times".

The principals' expectations for students are not just learning but also responsibilities to the state.

For example, Luo Jun, president of Sun Yat-sen University, hopes that students will be able to take on the important tasks of the times with the firm ideals and beliefs of "both ability and moral integrity, leadership and national feelings".

Dou Xiankang, president of Wuhan University, took the topic of "Let the time when outstanding students become Wushu students" as his speech. He said, "For you, it is your time to grow up to be outstanding talents who can be responsible for national rejuvenation."

Li Yuanyuan, the president of Jilin University, sent a message to the freshmen: "As a generation of young students moving forward with the new era, you not only have broad space for development, but also bear the great mission of the times."

Can Chinese students shoulder the heavy responsibility of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation? Can it become a pillar of talent for dealing with all kinds of major challenges? Wang Yingjun, president of South China University of Science and Technology, asked the students on the spot, "Can the talents we train today lead the world in a few years? Did you have the ability to deal with complex world and participate in global governance at that time? This problem is not only a matter for schools to consider, but also for students to answer.

Wu Chaohui, president of Zhejiang University, said: "Self-regulated learning reflects the pursuit of value and carries the ideal of serving human development and realizing the national feelings of learners. Students should take the initiative to enhance the application of self-education skills, personal growth and national rejuvenation, human development linked, in the understanding of Chinese characteristics and world-class to establish a good quality of behavior, in the shoulder of the responsibility of the times and historical mission to adhere to the correct value orientation, and ultimately form the instinct of introspection, the pass. The consciousness of life and the belief in serving the society.

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