Duthel Te shouted to the soldiers: "I'm not satisfied that my leader can start a mutiny."

Duthel Te shouted to the soldiers:

Original title: Duthel Te shouted to the soldiers: "I'm not satisfied that my leader can start a mutiny."

September 12, Overseas Network Xinhua Philippine President Dutlett recently made astonishing remarks, he shouted to the soldiers, "if not satisfied with my leadership, you can start mutiny."

In an interview Tuesday (11), Philippine President Jean-Claude Dutlett said soldiers who are dissatisfied with their leadership can start a rebellion or revolution, Russia reported today. He adds that if his critics feel happier with his dead opponent, opposition Senator Antonio Triannis, they can also support Triannis. "How to do it is your freedom, in fact, I encourage you," Duthel Te said.

Opposition Senator Trilanis, who failed in two previous coups, was arrested and granted amnesty by former President Aquino III. At the end of last month, Dutlett declared the amnesty against Triannis null and void, and asked the Philippine Ministry of Justice and the military to restart criminal proceedings against Triannis. Triannis himself and some legal experts in the Philippines have also protested against Dutlett's actions, which the opposition has accused of being political persecution, saying are unconstitutional. Trillianis defended himself with news reports and defense documents, and applied to the Supreme Court to convict Dutlett of violating the law.

Triannis is believed to be Dutlett's deadly opponent in Philippine politics, and he has a long-standing dispute with Dutlett. Triannis has accused Dutlett of corruption and bribery, and criticized his anti-drug campaign. Faced with the accusations, Dutlett gave a bullying response, saying he would be executed if he was really corrupt. In the face of criticism from the anti-drug campaign, he also made tough remarks many times. He publicly warned drug traffickers to stay in prison if they wanted to live longer. (compile / overseas network Aman Chang)

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