India buys Russian S400 and talks with us: trading with Iran oil.

India buys Russian S400 and talks with us: trading with Iran oil.

Reference News Network September 12, according to India's "Times of India" website reported on September 7, recently the United States and India held the first "2 + 2" ministerial dialogue, the two sides signed the "Communication Compatibility and Security Agreement" (Comcasa). The defense agreement broke through historical barriers, allowed India to acquire encryption technology, and explicitly called on Pakistan to stop using terrorist agents.

Reported that the above dialogue and agreement commitments show that the United States and India will cooperate on the high seas, focusing on the Indian Ocean-Pacific region, alluding to China, sensitive technology and counter-terrorism issues - although there are still trade and economic disputes unresolved.

The picture shows us secretary of state Pompeio.

India's foreign minister, Sushma Swaraj, and defense minister, Nemara Sitaraman, greeted their American counterparts at the airport, Mike Pompeio and James Matisse, in a special gesture. According to sources, the agenda of the US-India dialogue shows that the two sides will not engage in intense negotiations on a range of issues.

The report says the issue of Pakistan and its use of terrorist agents reflects India's concerns and the growing impatience of the Trump administration with Pakistan, although it is still awaiting action by the new government.

The picture shows US Defense Secretary Matisse.

Sources said the four leaders of the United States and India have set a general direction, and they called the talks "very positive and constructive". Convergence is a popular word when both sides are willing to listen. After the talks, Pompeio and Matisse also visited Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who met for nearly an hour.

The report said that the most important achievement of the talks was the signing of the communication compatibility and security agreement. The agreement has been brewing for a long time. A joint statement after the meeting said the agreement would facilitate India's access to "advanced defense systems and enable India to make maximum use of its existing platform from the United States".

The picture shows Sita Raman, Minister of defense of India.

Reported that as the United States became one of India's closest defense partners in the world, this "basic" agreement will help the two countries'armed forces to promote cooperative combat capabilities. The Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement, which came into force immediately after its signing, is in fact an authorization agreement, the terms of which apply to all platforms originating in the United States that India has purchased or is planning to purchase.

In discussing sanctions against Iran, the United States made it clear that it wanted India to drastically reduce energy imports, but did not disclose specific figures. Scold said that India is an energy dependent economy. But like the previous sanctions act, Iran seems to be an exception. India has been developing the port as a gateway to Afghanistan unaffected by Pakistan.

U.S. Secretary of State Pompeio said at a news conference that the United States knows countries like India "need time to relax" and cooperate with them, although he said India has been told that sanctions against Iran's oil industry will come into effect on November 4. Although immunity is also to be taken into consideration, the United States expects crude oil purchased from various countries to drop to zero in Iran.

Indian officials said they did not mention the Anti-American Enemy Sanctions Act and sanctions against Russia, India's main defense partner. Matisse assured India that the "traditional platform" will be respected. Pompeio said in his speech, "we have not yet made a decision about S-400. We are striving to implement Article 231 of the Sanctions Against the Enemy of the United States Act in an appropriate and legitimate manner and to ensure that such immunity is exercised only in reasonable circumstances." (compile / Yang Xuelei)

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