Ministry of Civil Affairs explore block chain technology to promote "Internet + charity donations"

Ministry of Civil Affairs explore block chain technology to promote

Newspaper trainee reporter Xing Meng

Recently, the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the "Internet + Social Organization (social work, volunteer service)" action plan (2018-2020 years) (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), focusing on the next three years (2018 -2020) to carry out the "Internet + civil service" action plan related tasks to carry out in place, and strive to push forward. "Internet +" has been developing healthily in the fields of social organization, social work, voluntary service and charitable donations.

It is worth noting that the "Internet + charitable donation" has become one of the key tasks in the future. The Ministry of Civil Affairs has pointed out that we should explore the application of block chain technology in public donations, funds tracking, transparent management and so on. At the same time, we will also incorporate block chain technology into the work arrangement in 2018, mainly using block chain technology to achieve "Ci Shanping". Platform upgrade.

Specifically, the "Internet + charitable donation" mentioned in the plan mainly includes two parts: main initiatives and progress arrangements.

As for the main initiatives, the Plan mentions the use of block chain technology to achieve tamper-proof charity information query system. Specifically, it includes three aspects: first, to promote the publication of Internet fund-raising information standards, guide public charitable organizations, Internet fund-raising information platform between the docking, to create a convenient, standardized, unimpeded financing channels for charitable organizations to raise funds, expand the impact of normative guidance; second, to promote the unification of charitable organizations information. Open and transparent inquiry, explore the application of block chain technology in public welfare donation, charitable fund tracking, transparent management, etc., build a tamper-proof information inquiry system for charitable organizations, enhance the authority, transparency and public trust of information publication and search services; and third, promote joint incentives and punishments for charitable donations, and promote preparation All participating departments and relevant Internet platforms provide various preferential and convenient measures to charitable organizations and donors, and jointly punish dishonest acts such as fraudulent donations and fraudulent donations to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the public.

In terms of the schedule, the project will bring the block chain technology into this year's work to create a "charitable China" platform upgrade. Specifically, with regard to the schedule for 2018, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has completed the selection of the second batch of Internet donation information platforms and strengthened capacity-building; selected the "block chain" technical scheme to complete a new round of upgrading and transformation of the "charitable China" platform, and basically connected the "charitable China" platform with the Internet donation information platform. Initial collection of data from various charitable organizations and network fundraising has been achieved regularly.

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