10 suspected Middle East respiratory syndrome infections were detected in South Korea.

10 suspected Middle East respiratory syndrome infections were detected in South Korea.

Original title: 10 suspected MERS infected persons in South Korea will be monitored for negative detection.

September 12, overseas network, the morning of 12, South Korea CDC said that 10 suspected Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) infection test was negative, has been removed from quarantine, but will continue to be monitored.

According to Yonhap news agency, the Korean CDC said one of the 10 suspected infections had direct contact with MERS patients and nine had daily contact with MERS patients. At present, the detection results of 10 suspected infected persons are all negative and not life-threatening.

According to South Korean media earlier reported that a man August 16 to September 6 in Kuwait business trip, 7 returned to South Korea. After returning home, he developed fever, expectoration and other symptoms and went to hospital for medical treatment. He was subsequently diagnosed as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), treated in isolation, and contacts were isolated.

It is reported that 21 people were in close contact with MERS patients, including flight attendants, passengers, related medical personnel and immigration staff.

In May 2015, the first case of Middle East respiratory syndrome appeared in Korea. Within three weeks, the epidemic spread rapidly in Korea. The epidemic lasted seven months, causing 187 infections, including 38 deaths, nearly 17,000 isolation, social chaos, economic shocks, and severe damage to South Korea's tourism industry. It has been reported that MERS virus belongs to coronavirus, and its transmission power is weak, but its fatality rate is higher than that of SARS virus. (compile / overseas network Wang Mengtang)



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