"Independent faction" advocating the "Taiwan's proper name" Taiwan Affairs Office: no tolerance.

Original Title: "Independence" Again Advocates "Taiwan's Right Name" National Taiwan Office: Never Tolerate "Taiwan Independence" Rising Storms

Overseas Network September 12 - The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a regular press conference on the morning of September 12 to respond to recent hot spots.

According to CCTV's China News, Taiwan's "independent" group, the Joy Island Alliance, held a press conference recently, advocating a "referendum" to change the "Republic of China" to "Taiwan", and said it would gather 100,000 people on October 20. How do you comment on this?

Anfeng Mountain responded that every inch of the territory of the motherland can never and can never be separated from China. We will never tolerate the "Taiwan independence" forces making waves. No attempt of "Taiwan independence" can succeed. Taiwan independence will only bring disaster to Taiwan compatriots, not joy.

Editor in chief: Zhang Yan

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