Taiwan authorities intend to "repair the law" to punish the application for residence permit?

Taiwan authorities intend to

Original title: Taiwan authorities intend to "repair the law" to apply for a residence permit. Taiwan Affairs Office response

Overseas Network September 12 - The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a regular press conference on the morning of September 12 to respond to recent hot spots.

Reporters from the People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Daily and the Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Weekly said that according to the policy on residence permits issued by the mainland, the Taiwan authorities have initiated the so-called "law amendment" to punish Taiwanese compatriots who apply for residence permits. What is the spokesman's comment on the Taiwan authorities'practice?

Anfeng Shan: At the beginning, I also mentioned that the mainland has always listened carefully to the voices of Taiwan compatriots, responded positively to the appeals of Taiwan compatriots, and done practical and good things for Taiwan compatriots in line with the concept of "one family on both sides". But some people in Taiwan always take a bad look, and accuse them with antagonistic thinking and rebellious psychology. The DPP authorities have repeatedly threatened, intimidated, obstructed and restricted them, which is actually a good thing to do to the Taiwan compatriots.

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