"Hui Tai 31" is the "United Front" measure of the mainland?

Original title: "Hui Tai 31" is the mainland's "United Front" measures? Taiwan Affairs Office: there is a steelyard in the hearts of the people.

Overseas Network September 12 - On the morning of September 12, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a regular press conference. Anfeng Shan, spokesman of the State Taiwan Office, answered reporters'questions on the implementation of the "Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Residents' Residence Certificate Application and Issuance Measures" and the bronze statue of a comfort woman kicked by a representative of the Japanese right wing.

A reporter asked, on September 6, the Taiwan Continental Commission published the so-called "report on the results of the 31 measures taken by the Mainland of China against Taiwan", claiming that the "31 measures" were a united front measure on the mainland and were a lure to Taiwan residents. However, the implementation has not yet had a significant impact. What is the spokesman's comment on this?

Ann Feng mountain responded with two sentences. The first sentence is "there is a steelyard in the hearts of the people". Whether this series of measures introduced by the mainland is good or bad for Taiwan compatriots and Taiwan enterprises, and whether they are opportunities or so-called challenges and risks, I believe that the majority of Taiwan compatriots and Taiwan enterprises are very clear in mind.

The second sentence is, "the eyes of the masses are bright." This year, we not only put forward the "31 measures", but also realized the water supply to Kinmen, cancelled the employment permit for Taiwanese residents to come to the mainland, and issued the residence permit for Taiwanese residents. The vast majority of Taiwan compatriots have their own judgments on who is doing good for Taiwan compatriots and who is destroying their good deeds.

Editor in chief: Zhang Yan

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