Harbin police cracked 2 million cases of fake HUAWEI Bracelet by telecom fraud

Harbin police cracked 2 million cases of fake HUAWEI Bracelet by telecom fraud

Xinhua News Agency, Harbin, September 12 (Reporter Liang Shubin) - The fraudulent Gang claimed to "identify two-dimensional code to receive Huawei smart Bracelet free of charge", defrauded more than 2 million people with counterfeit goods, fraudulent throughout the country, the total amount of more than 80 million yuan. Recently, the Harbin police cracked this extraordinarily large telecommunications fraud and arrested 658 people involved.  

On July 30, the Harbin Public Security Bureau received a notice from the Anti-Fraud Center of Heilongjiang Public Security Bureau. Some people released a large number of free Huawei bracelets (actually counterfeit) information through micro-mail, suspected of fraud.  

The Harbin Municipal Public Security Bureau set up a task force as the main body of the Xiang Fang public security sub bureau to carry out the detection work. During the period, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau also sent a working group to work with the ad hoc group.  

After more than one month's work, the task force found out the basic criminal facts of the group. On September 5, the police dispatched more than 800 people and captured 658 people headed by Gu's battalion. 592 people were taken compulsory measures. Of them, 278 were detained in criminal detention, 314 were on bail pending trial, 4 nests were smashed, more than 2,000 mobile phones and 10 vehicles were seized.  

According to the briefing, the suspect used various ways to add unspecified objects to the micro-mail, sending "two-dimensional code recognition free to receive Huawei smart bracelet" information, claiming that the quota is limited, activities are limited to three days, just pay 29 yuan postage. The bracelet is actually a counterfeit, the actual value is less than 2 yuan, the average cost of mailing 3.5 yuan, the difference of 23.5 yuan was cheated. The case was deceived by more than 200 people, cheated by the total amount of more than 8000 yuan, but almost no one reported. Some of the deceived people mistakenly thought the bracelet had a quality problem and complained to Huawei Company. Others, because of the small amount of money cheated, knew that they were deceived and did not report the case.  

The Telecom fraud group rented nearly 10,000 square meters of office buildings in a high-end community in Harbin, with a total number of more than 600 people, divided into five levels: gang leader, group leader, group leader, bottom members, according to different levels of stolen goods. The group set up the Ministry of Personnel to publish recruitment information, allowing high salaries, many fresh graduates were attracted by high salaries, mistakenly entered the criminal group to engage in fraud and criminal activities.  

At present, the case is under further trial.

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