Bain: the immediate distribution fee is from 10 yuan to 15 yuan. The vast majority are not yet profitable.

Bain: the immediate distribution fee is from 10 yuan to 15 yuan. The vast majority are not yet profitable.

Original Title: Bain Company: Instant Distribution Cost per Delivery is $10 to $15 Most participants are not yet profitable

Beijing News (Reporter Chen Weicheng) Sept. 12, Bain released a "new retail changes in the digital supply chain" report, the study found that demand forecasting and high distribution costs are the most difficult problems in the supply chain field, nearly 70% of respondents said they feel great pressure to transform. Among them, the cost of instant distribution remains high, and the cost of each delivery is often between 10 yuan and 15 yuan. Most of the participants have not yet made a profit.

In this report, Bain cooperated with G7 to investigate more than 50 leading supply chain enterprises in the industry, including brand merchants, logistics platforms, logistics providers, retailers, 2C and 2B e-commerce platforms.

In the aspect of demand forecasting, as consumers gradually "tribal", the life cycle of new products is sharply shortened, resulting in enormous challenges in forecasting, inventory control and production flexibility. The low visibility of the internal and external data of enterprises also improves the prediction difficulty. Faced with the dramatic increase in the number of SKUs and order frequency, many enterprises are often faced with the embarrassing situation of "shortage of analysts, analysis depth is not enough".

In the aspect of distribution cost, with the retail upgrade, the fragmentation demand of consumers and the extremely high timeliness requirements lead to the "last kilometer" terminal distribution become one of the most difficult and costly areas in logistics. In the field of instant distribution, for example, since 2016, in addition to American companies, hungry and other takeaway enterprises, new retail brands such as box-and-horse fresh, super species, Wal-Mart, Tianmao Mall have launched instant distribution services. Although the participants are numerous and the cost is high, the distribution cost is often between 10 yuan and 15 yuan. The vast majority of participants are not yet profitable, except for the few head stores with the best location, the largest unit volume and the highest unit price.

In addition, the separation of online and offline logistics system, storage management complexity, transport planning complexity, B2B e-commerce platform logistics costs are challenges. The report pointed out that under the new retail business model, the traditional supply chain has certain opportunities in the aspects of database construction, production and marketing planning and operational efficiency improvement, which urgently needs a comprehensive digital transformation and upgrading.

Based on the above challenges, Bain proposes to build a digital supply chain to serve the new changes in retail business: based on large data to enhance the predictive ability, to establish an integrated logistics system of online and offline integration, to optimize the layout of the warehouse supply chain driven by large data, through intelligent scheduling system and automated driving technology. In order to reduce the cost of 2B e-commerce platform, the efficiency of urban distribution should be improved by using intelligent dispatching, crowdsourcing and pre-loading to solve the last kilometer distribution cost.

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