Half moon review parent child homework: exercise children or toss parents?

Half moon review parent child homework: exercise children or toss parents?

Original title: parent-child homework, exercise children or toss parents?

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"Since my child went to kindergarten, I've been forced to be a handyman." "The child is asleep, my mother and I are still working overtime to do homework assigned by the teacher." "The third grade asked the child to do PPT, fortunately there are college students at home to help do it"... On the social platform, parents are not uncommon in their parents' homework "torpedo" and "toss up" Tucao. But in addition to Tucao, parents still have to act as parents and strive for perfection, in order to cope with the examination and evaluation of schools.

Experts say that on the one hand, parents shouldn't be left to take on the responsibility of teachers, so that parents become half a teacher; on the other hand, "parent-child homework" can not make parents more substitutable, thus losing educational significance. More importantly, the utility evaluation of "adult perspective" should be reduced to the greatest extent, and "parent-child homework" should be child-oriented and personalized.

Looking for mulberry leaves and eggshells in the city, parents complain that homework is too frustrating.

"Kindergarten should raise silkworms, let children bring mulberry leaves. Fortunately, other parents in the neighborhood have experience, in the vegetable market to find a specially sold mulberry leaves, I wondered: Shenzhen City also has someone to buy this? The boss gave me a white eye and said that all the students handed in their homework.

On the understanding, a Shenzhen parent's answer, though banter, has caused many resonance. "There are not only mulberry leaves but also walnut leaves in the circle of friends. We live in the center of the city. Where can we find them for our children? Sometimes I can only ask relatives from my hometown. " There are parents who follow suit. Semi-monthly interviews with reporters found that even in the off-season, students silkworm suits in a Taobao online shop monthly sales can easily exceed a thousand.

During the interview, many parents talked about the "tossing" experience of their homework.

The most demanding task, a Wuhan parent wrote, is not to mention simple painting or handwork with convenient materials. The demanding tasks of "repairing bridges and building houses" are all the work of parents, such as moving boxes and robots, chopsticks and boats or houses, woodworking cars, wire weaving, and leaf painting. The most breakdown is that I have painted two self-made picture books, one is a family story, one is to introduce the local customs and customs of my hometown, painted for nearly two months, after work all the free time to paint!

The biggest challenge, says Ms. Liu, a Shanghai parent, was that when the child was in second grade, the teacher assigned an assignment to draw on an egg that had been hollowed out inside, and the child had no way to start. Referring to the online method, the family first used toothpicks on the egg poked a small hole, let the egg slowly flow out, and then wash the eggshell dry, began to draw a draft, painting. Though careful, he broke 3 eggs and cried the child.

The most wasteful - schools often arrange manual work related to environmental themes. Some parents said that the next day the child would take a large Coke bottle, discarded potato chips packaging to school, the family did not, had to go to the supermarket to buy, and finally cola and potato chips can not eat, had to waste; kindergartens to engage in environmental clothing show, the family used dozens of different colors of garbage bags to make a skirt, the child put on two circles also did not go. It's used. "It's a waste of money to say that we should turn waste into treasure."

Compared to child innocence, it is better than "face value" utility to make children hurt.

The whole family went to battle, and finally completed the "parent-child homework", so that the children take to school, did not expect, in the evaluation process, many children and parents again "injured".

Mr. Xu said that at a parent-child activity in the kindergarten, the teacher asked parents and children to make a robot out of a milk box.

"We specially let the children do it by themselves, and do not rely on adults. The final work is skewed, but it also meets the requirements, and the children feel very fulfilled. We don't want to get into the class, and in front of a bunch of exquisite works, we only get third-class (really worst) ratings. For this reason, the child was sad for several days.

As parents admit, difficult and time-consuming hand jobs such as woodworking, robotics, weaving, etc. are usually done by adults or purchased directly online. But in school evaluation, this kind of "exquisite" work is often more favored than the real "children's work". "Why in the eyes of some teachers, the children's hard work, the amount of gold is still less than adults do for you?" Some parents questioned.

For the second and third grade children to go home to do PPT, some parents are helpless: "handed in almost all of the'parents'work, do not know how meaningful such homework.

Half-month talk reporters learned that many kindergarten and primary school teachers also know the fact that children's homework is done by their parents, but sometimes in response to visits and appraisals from higher authorities, they also hope that their children will produce the best works to show a good image of the campus, and this kind of formalism has really increased the number of parents and children. Unreasonable burden.

At the same time, parents' comparisons and anxiety have also contributed to bad habits to a certain extent. "Many parents want their children to'not lose at the starting line', whether it is writing, math, oral, or creative DIY, to be the first, so that the original meaning of'play'homework is also artificial overweight, more and more substitutes, and ultimately let the entire environment'stress mountain'." Li Yan, director of the Department of preschool education, Shanghai Normal University, said.

Let manual work return to "children's perspective"

Comparing with the handwork of "throwing off the burden", there are still many schools'practices recognized by parents. Parent Ni said that the children had attended a public kindergarten in Shanghai, the teacher asked the children to go home to make lanterns, but the kindergarten has prepared the materials needed to make lanterns in advance, so that the children take the material bag home, accompanied by parents and guidance, using scissors, glue can be completed. Not to pursue excessive delicacy, not to encourage the purchase of advanced lanterns, children can learn skills in the process of full participation.

There are also schools that carefully inform parents of the purpose of parent-child homework, the ability to exercise their children, and the details of how parents want to help their children at home. They do not make any requirements for the final work, so that parents have the bottom of their mind, but also effectively avoid parents'over-participation, or even "arranged" homework.

Gao Yongan, an associate professor at Renmin University of China, said that the handicraft that parents work for their children does not give them exercise. Some children also learned to show off their parents' handwork, which is harmful to their personality.

The head of a public kindergarten in Shanghai believes that teachers should really strengthen homework design and assign homework that children are able to complete according to their age, but parents should also learn to let go, fully believe in their children's potential, and position their role in company and cooperation.

Li Yan said that handwork and parent-child work are important elements of quality education, focusing on helping children develop the habit of hands-on inquiry. On the one hand, personality should be respected. Kindergartens and elementary schools should avoid using a single standard and make unified demands to encourage families to produce creative homework full of personality according to their own characteristics and children's different personalities. On the other hand, the process is more important than the result, not a "child's perspective" handicraft, no matter how exquisite it is, it is meaningless. Educational administration departments and schools change the way of evaluation and guide the society to form the correct value orientation of educating people.

Half moon reporter: Wu Zhendong and Pan Xu Zhou Chang

Editor in chief: Zhang Shen

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