The man thought he wanted to kill himself after he had not swallowed the rat poison at home.

The man thought he wanted to kill himself after he had not swallowed the rat poison at home.

Original title: self considered no place at home after a man swallowed rat poison after knife suicide

Suining, Sichuan News Network, September 12 (Reporter Zhao Quanjun) September 12, the reporter from Suining Jingkai District police learned that September 6 at 20:50, a man in a supermarket north of Suining City threatened to commit suicide, and he has swallowed a lot of rat medicine at home. Fortunately, the police arrived at the scene of the incident in time to stop the emotional man, and forced him to the hospital for examination and treatment. At present, the treatment of a man's body is no harm.

According to Suining Municipal Public Security Bureau Jiahe Police Station by opening a branch of the police, police Yang Peng and others rushed to the scene, the young man was sitting paralyzed in the supermarket, and holding a fruit knife, very excited. Yang Peng, a police officer, persuaded the man to put down his knife and hinted that other colleagues were approaching the man quietly, ready to wait for the opportunity to uniform him and send him to the hospital for treatment. Eventually, the police took advantage of the man's inattention, detour to his back and immediately hold it, forcibly pulled the fruit knife in his hand, and sent the man to the hospital for physical examination.

Yang Peng, a 30-year-old policeman, said he felt he had no status at home and was not respected by his family, so he took rat poison at home and died. He was caught by the crowd in time and called the police, but he decided to go to the supermarket to find a fruit knife and commit suicide. No one was allowed to approach him. In order to stabilize the emotional man, the police appease the mood of the man and persuade him to go to the hospital for treatment. But the man was very excited and did not want to go to the hospital with the police.

Subsequently, several policemen forced up the man and sent him to an ambulance, during which Yang Peng's left arm was scratched when the man rebelled, and another policeman's uniform button was torn off. However, "in the hospital men still refuse to cooperate with the doctor treatment, doctors and police advise men to obey the doctor's advice, when the man's emotional stability before they want to see a doctor." The police said that eventually, under the efforts of medical staff, the men were gradually out of danger after examination and treatment.

When the policeman placed a young man, immediately notified the man's parents and relatives rushed to the hospital, the policeman confirmed that the man's mood was completely calm, will not produce extreme behavior again. At present, the treatment of the body is no serious problem for men.

Source: Sichuan News Network

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