How foreign students do military training: the United States, Russia, Britain and the military are no easier than China.

How foreign students do military training: the United States, Russia, Britain and the military are no easier than China.

How to train foreign students?


Military patriotism education is a tradition of Russia. Military training, as an indispensable content of patriotism education, aims to enhance the young people's awareness of the obligation to defend the motherland and their love for the army, and to enhance their physical and mental accomplishment and military skills.

The Russian Federal Military Service Obligation and Service Law, the Russian Federal Reserve Military Training Regulations and other regulations have established a complete set of reserve military training systems, including military training for college students. Students in Colleges and universities carry out military training in accordance with the reserve training program.

According to the curriculum requirements of Russian ordinary schools, boys and middle school students in the 10th grade (roughly equivalent to Chinese Senior 2) are required to complete closed military training for 5 days and 40 classes in military institutions near the school.

Russian students'military training mainly consists of three aspects: first, Military Patriotism education, including learning military basic knowledge, understanding the glorious history of the army, watching patriotic movies and so on; second, learning military skills, including basic training in formation, assembly and disassembly of automatic rifles, live ammunition shooting, medical rescue training; The three is physical training, including physical training, cross-country running and participating in various ball games.

The United States

The United States has a complete system to standardize students' military training. In addition to the National Defense Law and the National Defense Education Law, there is also the Law on General Military Training and Military Service, which is formulated specifically for young and middle-aged people.

The United States has 531 Reserve Officer Training Corps in more than 500 local universities and high schools, headed by the Department of Defense and responsible for the military training of American students. The aim is to enable young students to receive the necessary military training while completing their required studies. The Reserve Officer Training Corps established by the United States annually transports more than 7,000 growing officers, accounting for more than 50% of all growing officers.

The military training of American students is divided into two years and two years of four years. The training time takes four-year schools as an example. Generally, the first two years are 2-3 hours a week, mainly studying basic military courses, and the next two years are 5 hours a week, and attending a six-week military summer camp.


The Department of Defense Reserve has established the Army Officer Training Corps, the Navy Training Centre and the Air Force Flight Squadron at dozens of universities across the country, which are responsible for military training and propaganda at the local universities. Students can volunteer to participate in training activities organized by the army, the sea and the air force. The training time is arranged in weekdays evenings and weekends, and holidays for one to two weeks.

In Britain, many universities have special military degrees to enrich young students'military knowledge and strengthen their national defense awareness on the basis of improving their basic military skills. Some secondary schools in Britain also organize students to perform military training activities, and organize summer camps to visit troops during the holidays.


Israel's schools make national defense education, including military training, a compulsory course, deployed and implemented by soldiers stationed in schools according to a unified plan. Military training is organized every winter and summer vacation for a week. There are more than 40 items in the training program, each time the officers of the garrison are consulted with the school leaders. Each school selects subjects from them, such as formation, rifle shooting, projectile throwing, marching and military gymnastics, unarmed combat and so on. At the end of military training, parents are invited to attend and comment.

Defense education funds and teachers in Israeli schools are borne by the IDF, and the officers and officers in charge are servicemen.

In Israel, about 40 thousand students receive military training each year. The National Defense Force provides two sets of military uniforms and one week's meals free of charge for each student. The training of selected courses outside the basic training is undertaken by the temporary deployment personnel of the relevant units.

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