The two major events in recent China and Russia are transmitting signals, and the Far East has become the fulcrum of Sino Russian cooperation.

The two major events in recent China and Russia are transmitting signals, and the Far East has become the fulcrum of Sino Russian cooperation.

[Global Network Military Comprehensive Report] Chinese President Xi Jinping went to Vladivostok on Tuesday to attend the Fourth East Economic Forum. This is the first time that a Chinese head of state has attended the Russian Eastern Economic Forum. The Chinese Embassy in Russia has called it a major milestone in the history of Sino-Russian relations.

On the same day, the largest Russian military exercise since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Oriental-2018, began in the Far East. The PLA sent more than 3,000 soldiers and 900 weapons and equipment, more than 30 helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft to participate in the exercise, which was unprecedented in the history of Sino-Russian military exchanges.

The comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation between China and Russia has been further consolidated, and cooperation between the two countries in the Far East is facing broad prospects. These two events send such clear signals.

Sino-Russian comprehensive strategic cooperation has attracted worldwide attention, and its development is constantly advancing in the various voices of the West. Up to now, Sino-Russian relations have formed unprecedented strategic stability, political mutual trust between the two countries has reached an unprecedented height, and economic cooperation has been expanding.

Needless to say, the strategic squeeze between the United States and China and Russia in the world has provided an objective thrust for the approach of Beijing and Moscow, but now the comprehensive strategic cooperation between China and Russia is regarded as a subsidiary of the United States'policy toward China and Russia, which is naive. Sino-Russian relations have long formed an internal constructive force that transcends the bilateral relations with the United States and has become one of the cornerstones of their respective global diplomatic strategies.

The benefits of Sino-Russian comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation have gone through the test of time and various changes in external environment. The importance of bilateral relations is not a temporary interest that can be exchanged in other directions. Both China and Russia have been working closely with the two sides in their strategic determination.

The Far East is a time and place for more economic cooperation between China and Russia, but the cooperation in this region also tests the mutual trust and patience of the two countries. The historic memory of the two countries here and the disparity in population density between the Russian Far East and Northeast China have all enabled the good people to find the space to strengthen economic exchanges between the two countries in this region, and have subtle effects on the psychology of the two societies towards mutual cooperation.

However, the general trend is that Sino-Russian cooperation in the Far East is steadily advancing. China has maintained the largest trading partner and the largest source of foreign investment in the Russian Far East for many years. China has now implemented 28 projects in the Russian Far East, with a total investment of about US$4 billion. Highway and railway bridges across Heilongjiang, Binhai 1 and Binhai 2 international traffic corridors are under construction.

China's participation in the development of Russia's Far East has added a new connotation and dimension to Sino-Russian mutual trust, and made it more implemented in local and grass-roots practice from the level of national agreement. In the year of cooperation and exchanges between China and Russia in 2018 and 2019, the two countries have found a firm direction for cooperation and achieved practical results.

This positive trend was also realized in the wild bombardment of Western public opinion provoking Sino-Russian relations. It overcomes the infiltration of Western public opinion into the public opinion field of the two countries and becomes the main melody of the public opinion field between China and Russia. Because the western public opinion organizations are very powerful, and have a profound impact on Chinese and Russian society, the formation of the above situation is particularly valuable.

In view of the fact that both China and Russia are big powers, the mutual support and cooperation between the two countries around their respective core interests are extremely powerful, and the two sides'unanimous stand on an international affairs will also have a major impact. This is the core significance of Sino-Russian comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation, not only for the two countries, but also for the global strategic balance has a key role. We are glad to see that China and Russia have maintained a high level of sobriety in this regard. It

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