Jiangsu university more than 2000 student information leakage suspected enterprises used to evade taxes

Jiangsu university more than 2000 student information leakage suspected enterprises used to evade taxes

According to the Voice of China's "News Horizontal" report is the start of the school season, many prospective graduates are busy looking for a job, issued a graduation unemployment sigh, but Changzhou University in Jiangsu Province, Huaide College, part of the students are on the contrary, did not find a job they found themselves "employed".

Recently, some netizens announced in social media that a large-scale leak of student information occurred in Huaide College of Changzhou University, Jiangsu Province, and thousands of students'information was stolen by illegal enterprises. Reporters found that more than 2,600 students leaked information, enterprises involved in many places in the province, information suspected to be used by enterprises to evade taxes.

Students are not employed but are employed.

Xiao Wang is the 2018 graduate of the University of Changzhou. In early September, he checked the tax information of Jiangsu Province online Taxation Bureau and found that he had not found a suitable job so far. He was already working in an enterprise named Jiangsu Hongxin Insurance Agency Co., Ltd. The enterprise also declared his personal income of 3,500 yuan per month and paid taxes. After communicating with his classmates, Xiao Wang found that there were not a few students who declared their non-existent "income" on the online tax platform. Many students had become "colleagues" in some enterprises that had never been heard of. The enterprises also declared their monthly income for them.

Apart from the company named Jiangsu Hongxin Insurance Agent Co., Ltd., they also have Dinghong Automobile Insurance Sales Co., Ltd., Xuzhou Olu Automobile Service Co., Ltd., and Changzhou Ketai Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. which report a monthly income of 3,500 yuan. About. Xiao Wang told reporters, the leak of graduate information, it is likely to be related to the school, "as soon as we graduate our information is leaked what does that mean? And one thousand or two thousand people, which means that someone in our school must have given this information to others. "

More than just this year's graduates, many of the students at the University of Wilder also have the same experience. Xiao Liu, a junior student, told reporters that the identity information of all four girls in their dormitory was stolen, and one of them was stolen by two enterprises at the same time. Xiao Liu later learned that more than 20 students in their class were all obtained by illegal enterprises and used for false wages, and then she called the police to let them not worry.

Xiao Liu: after the alarm, they said they were students of Huai de college. I said yes. He didn't ask me anything about it, but he said we're dealing with it. Let's not worry.

About 1/3 of student information was leaked.

In fact, on September 7th, after receiving reports from students one after another, the responsible persons of relevant departments, together with several students whose identities were stolen, went to the police station of Xingang City, Taizhou Jingjiang City, the school's territorial area, to give an alarm. Late that night, the transcripts were kept until midnight. Jing Xiaobing, deputy dean in charge of the school's logistics and security work, said in an interview with reporters that after the incident, on the one hand, the school immediately alerted the police, on the other hand, asked all class counselors and student cadres to immediately carry out an inventory throughout the school. Up to now, the school statistics, there have been more than 2600 individual students. Information was leaked, accounting for 1/3 of the total number of students at that time.

Jing Xiaobing: "On the evening of September 7th, many students called 110. They reported this situation. By yesterday, more than 2600 students had been checked out, mainly concentrated in two insurance companies. It is mainly the 14 and the 15 two sessions, the most important is the 14 session, mainly the students who have already graduated.

Disclosure of information is suspected to be used for tax evasion by enterprises.

Voice of China has found that there have been illegal enterprises in the country through the embezzlement of graduate information, falsified employee wage payments for tax declarations. Bu Hua, a professor and tax expert at the School of Management of China University of Mining and Technology, believes that illegal enterprises steal students'identity information to falsely pay wages, resulting in increased costs and reduced profits, is an obvious means of evading corporate income tax.

Bu Hua: "By embezzling students'information, to these students to pay"wages"and increase the cost of the enterprise, so that its profits will be reduced, evading income tax, is certainly very clear. Because our country's current personal income tax rate, the starting point is 3500 monthly, I see the enterprise to students pay wages, sometimes less than 3500, sometimes more than 3500, then I think, they want to make this wage more real.

On the evening of September 10, the reporter, as a student, dialed Mr. Zhao, the director of Jiangsu Hongxin Insurance Agency Co., Ltd., one of the enterprises suspected of embezzling student information. The person in charge admitted that his company falsely used the information of Changzhou University's Whitehead College students, issued false wages, and said that students can be given certain compensation.

Mr. Zhao: "The list goes to our company, and other companies go out from us. We paid your list at that time. This is a fact, and we admit it. We also confessed this matter to the tax authorities. The tax authorities are also investigating, and what we can do now is to help you eliminate the impact, which means that you have no record of working in our company.

The person in charge, surnamed Zhao, said they had about 1,700 copies of student information, but the student information was not purchased, but the specific source he refused to answer. He can be sure that Jiangsu Hongxin company did not steal information by means of hacker attacks. Student information should flow out of the school.

Mr. Zhao: "we didn't buy information at all, because buying information is a crime. I can only say that I have this thing, I certainly can not say who gave it to me, this public security organ will investigate. Let me be clear, this is definitely not what I took from your school. It must be from your school. I don't know if anyone can buy it, but I certainly didn't buy it. I will not be so easy to talk with you when I buy my business. I am so full of breath. "

The reason for leakage is still uncertain.

In Suining County, Xuzhou City, where the Jiangsu Hongxin Insurance Agency Co., Ltd. is registered, the reporter was informed by the State Administration of Taxation of Suining County that the tax bureau of the enterprise was suspected of tax evasion that they could not accept the interview without the approval of the Jiangsu Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation. Subsequently, the reporter and the State Administration of Taxation Jiangsu Province Tax Bureau contacted each other, the other side said that until the matter is investigated clearly before it can be made public. At present, the progress of the tax system investigation in Xuzhou is still unknown.

Previously, some students disclosed that the leak of students'personal information was caused by hackers attacking the school data server. Jing Xiaobing said the news was not true. Up to now, Huaide College is still actively cooperating with Jingjiang Public Security Department to investigate the case, the specific reasons for the leak are still unclear. Jing Xiaobing analysis, because the school entrusted out-of-school institutions to buy medical insurance for students, handling public transport cards, tuition payment bank cards and other needs personal information, information leakage channels are more. In the future, the management of university students' information will be intensified to prevent such incidents from happening again.

Jing Xiaobing: "None of us has ever said that. It's not clear whether it's from inside the college. This can wait until the public security organ files the case to detect the result. The channels we leak are also being investigated inside. "

Events will not affect personal credit and employment.

At present, the false income tax returns of Wyde College students whose identity information has been stolen have been revoked, but some students still have doubts about this: Will this disturbance affect their future personal credit, employment and other aspects? Bu Hua, a tax expert, said there was no need to worry too much about this.

Bu Hua: "there is no record of employment after it is removed. It has no effect on students. If I do not get rid of it, I do not think that at least, from now on, there will be no bad record for students. Because it's just proof that the students have worked here in recent months and paid taxes according to the regulations, which is not a big problem.

In addition, the reporter learned from the Jingjiang Public Security Bureau that after receiving the alarm from the students of Huaide College, the Jingjiang Police attached great importance to it, immediately started the investigation mechanism of major cases, and quickly put the cases on file for investigation. At present, the task force is investigating and collecting evidence, and the progress of the investigation will be released to the public in a timely manner.

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