Chinese citizens are allowed to bring cigarettes to Vanuatu for punishment.

Chinese citizens are allowed to bring cigarettes to Vanuatu for punishment.

Original title: Chinese citizens were sent to Vanuatu embassy with cigarettes to comply with the regulations.

Sept. 12, China Overseas Chinese Network, according to the Chinese Embassy in Vanuatu website news, recently, Vanuatu's capital Port of Villa Boulfield International Airport Customs found that a large number of Chinese citizens entered the country in private cigarettes, and were seized and punished according to law. According to the relevant provisions of tile customs, the number of passengers carrying tobacco is no more than 1. Apart from tobacco, the tiles have strict restrictions on passengers'carrying cash, alcohol, meat, medicines, fruits and vegetables.

China's embassy in Switzerland reminds Chinese citizens to enter the territory.

1. Abide by the relevant laws and regulations of tile.

Two, prior to travel to understand in detail the prohibited entry and declaration requirements;

Three, seriously and truthfully fill in the relevant information about entry cards.

Four, it is prudent to carry articles for others.

5. If it is uncertain whether the goods should be declared or not, it can be declared in advance or consulted with the staff of the Wa Frontier Inspection Department.

China's embassy in Vanuatu: 00678 -7796032

Foreign Ministry's global consular protection and service emergency call center telephone: +86-10-12308 or +86-10-59913991

Source: Chinese overseas network

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