Lieutenant governor of New York went to Fala to vote for re-election.

Lieutenant governor of New York went to Fala to vote for re-election.

Original title: Vice Governor of New York to Fala Sheng Bai vote for re-election, Chinese support

China Overseas Chinese Network, September 12, according to the U.S. World Daily reported that New York State on the 13th local time will usher in a state-level position within the party primary election, re-election Vice Governor Kathy Hochul visited Farasheng again on the 10th, accompanied by city councilor Gu Yaming and Farasheng Chinese Association for the Promotion of Industry and Commerce Director-General Du Peter, greetings Commuters and Fala Sheng, who take the subway line 7, hope to get more voter support.

"Over the past four years, I've worked with the governor to raise the minimum wage in New York State to $15 an hour and pass the country's most stringent gun control law; in addition, the state government has provided subsidies that allow children from low- and middle-income families to go to college free of charge."

She has visited the Chinese community many times since taking office to understand the difficulties of business and the needs of the elderly. We continue to serve the residents of New York.

Mr. Gu said both Republicans and Democrats were facing a surge in extremism in the party. He called on voters to study and understand the candidates'platforms and support moderate candidates like Mr. Hoochu, who share similar community values, to correct the line between the two parties and safeguard the rights and interests of the community.

"It's the will of the majority of the people that New York is growing steadily, so I support the re-election of Governor James Graham and Vice Governor George Hooch," Dupeter said. (Zhu Lei)

Source: Chinese overseas network

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