Because of a land dispute, a villager in Inner Mongolia was killed and arrested for 20 years.

Because of a land dispute, a villager in Inner Mongolia was killed and arrested for 20 years.

Original title: because of the land dispute, a villager in Inner Mongolia was killed for 20 years.

BEIJING, Sept. 12 (Zhang Linhu, Li Qiong) Because of land disputes, a farmer in Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region wounded Pan Moujie, then Secretary of the village Party branch, with a four-toothed fork, eventually leading to his death. On the 12th, the reporter learned from the public security sub-bureau of Tongliao Public Security Bureau Development Zone that the bureau successfully arrested Ma Moupo, a criminal suspect who had absconded for 20 years.

On September 30, 1998, a murder occurred in Mijiayingzi Village, Chagan Township, Tongliao City (then known as the Zhelimu League). Local villager Ma Moupo injured Pan Moujiza, then Secretary of the Party branch of the village, with a four-toothed fork. Then Pan Moujie died of ineffective rescue and Ma Moupao fled for the crime of fear.

In 2017, Tongliao Municipal Public Security Bureau launched a backlog of homicide investigation and attack special action, set up a homicide attack special group, repeatedly collate the case materials, improve the evidence, uninterrupted data analysis and investigation, to find a breakthrough in the case.

In August this year, the special group of police found that "Wang Mouliang" in Baoding City, Hebei Province, has a major criminal suspect, and around "Wang Mouliang" to start investigative work.

After investigation, "Wang Mouliang" was married in 2006 and settled in Laishui, Baoding. When he first arrived in the country in 2000, he called himself "Ma Liang Liang" and renamed it as "Wang Mouliang" when he settled down. The discovery of this clue has become an important breakthrough in the investigation of the case, and eventually the team successfully locked "Wang Mouliang" as the suspect Ma Moubo.

After nearly two weeks of investigation, the special team immediately launched the arrest, and then tossed and turned the three provinces for more than six thousand kilometers. With the cooperation of the local public security organs, it was captured at the Mamoupo home in Laishui County on September 10.

After interrogation, the suspect Ma Moubo confessed to the fact that he wounded and killed Pan 20 years ago. So far, the homicide case, which has been overloaded for 20 years, has been successfully cracked.

On the morning of September 12, the family members of the victims, Pan Mouying and his party came to the Criminal Investigation Team of the Public Security Bureau of the Development Zone. They sent a brocade banner with the words "cracking the knotty and hard-to-solve cases, helping justice and chopping off the recalcitrant" to express their gratitude to the public security organs.

At present, the suspect Ma Bo has been detained according to law, and the case is being further investigated. (finish)

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