Grandpa is a chef, but he is president and has pancake diplomacy with China.

Grandpa is a chef, but he is president and has pancake diplomacy with China.

Grandpa is the imperial cook, but he became the president, but also with us in China to engage in "pancake diplomacy"... This gene is really no waste.

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Xi Jinping and Putin, together with the apron, cook your meals. Have you seen them?

Yesterday, Xi Jinping and Putin jointly attended the dialogue between Chinese and Russian local leaders in Vladivostok.

In addition to exploring bilateral relations and listening to the fruits of their cooperation, they also sneaked off to the Far East Street and cooked caviar pancakes with traditional Russian flavor.

The two men in the apron slowly poured the batter into the frying pan and did it very carefully.

When the fire is slow, the pancakes are finally finished. Next is the selection of seasoning links, black caviar, red caviar, crab feet and so on, are the local flavor of Vladivostok seafood specialties, see the circular mouth water... Such

In the process of spreading pancakes, Putin also praised Xi Jinping's skill.

After the pancakes were made, the two men, at Putin's suggestion, raised their glasses to vodka in accordance with Russian tradition.

Looking at their expression of satisfaction, the ring was also curious about the taste of the Russian pancake.

You know, this is the second "pancake diplomacy" of the two people.

In June of this year, Xi Jinping and Putin attended the Sino-Russian friendly exchange activities in Tianjin together. Putin personally made the local special snack Goubuli steamed bun and pancake fruit__.

When he tasted the pancake fruit he had made himself, he said, "Remember, this is what I made." Such

It seems that Putin's cooking is not bad. After all, he has the talent of a chef in his genes. He once said in a documentary that his grandfather Spiridon Putin is a cook.

At the age of 15, he began to learn cooking and worked in his hometown's hotel. After World War I, he went to a sanatorium in the suburban town of Gork in Moscow and worked for many years. Lenin had died, and the leader had designated him to cook for Mrs. Lenin Crupuskaya and his sister Maria, and Lenin's brother would come to dinner from time to time.

Spiriton was good at making fish and meat, and attracted a lot of big people. Stalin and Khrushchev, the former Soviet leaders, all had his cooking.

In 1965, the 86 year old elder died. Until the end of his life, he was still busy in the kitchen.

Like many chef, Spiridon doesn't cook at home. Once in a while, we will teach children how to cook meat and flour. But if a child says he wants to succeed in his craft as a cook, Spiridon will definitely lose his temper. Because he felt that being a cook was hopeless. He ate for five minutes and cooked for two hours. He was so drunk that he wiped his lips away. He never thought of thanking the cook.

If he knows, and sees his grandson Putin as Russia's president, I don't know what to do.

President Putin became more and more distant from the cook, and became a complete "eat food".

Putin, who often holds seminars with reporters, is described by reporters as "very good to eat" because he always looks hungry...

Some people say that from Putin's private menu, from snacks to large pie is essential. It's baked with cabbage, meat or rice, and he likes cheese pie.

Because he likes sports, Putin prefers healthy food in his diet: "I like vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce. I have porridge, chewing tofu and drinking honey in the morning. If I choose between fish and meat, I will pick fish, and I prefer mutton in meat. I usually only drink green tea. "

Despite what Putin seems to eat, he encounters unpleasant food, but refuses to do anything about it.

Former wife Lyudmila has complained that Putin is very picky about food and refuses to eat it whenever there is a hint of dissatisfaction. She also said that Putin likes his own orange fish soup most.  

Well, fish soup is delicious, but orange-flavored fish soup, ring really can not imagine the taste... Let's try another dish Putin loves.

Ice cream?

Yes, Putin is an ice cream maniac, which is no secret in Russia. Since childhood, he has tasted ice cream. He has been crazy about it. He has paid his own officials to eat.

In 2000, during a visit to an arms show, Putin ate four chocolate crispy cream ice cream at one go and lamented that "only when I was a child did I have such a delicious ice cream".

No one is so keen on ice cream leaders.

As a commodity, it is better to be alone than to be happy.

At the G20 summit in Hangzhou in 2016, Putin also gave ice cream to Xi Jinping as a "national ceremony". According to the Russian delegation, our chairman Xi liked Russian ice cream very much. Every time he went to Russia, people would buy local ice cream and take it back to enjoy it.

But for ice, Putin is true love. Kremlin chefs have shared with the media one of Putin's favorite cocktail recipes - lots of ice, a few drops of lemon juice, mint and 50 grams of champagne.

In addition, Putin likes to order vodka or cognac brandy after meals, which is quite enjoyable.

After eating the food for the official residence, Putin also liked to go out for a change. He does not like formal dining places, preferring to eat in restaurants where ordinary customers come.

Putin served as vice mayor of St. Petersburg, where there is a restaurant of deep roots with him, is located in the southern suburbs of St. Petersburg 20 kilometers of "courtyard" restaurant.

In 2000, President Putin held a 48-year-old birthday party with relatives and friends in the "courtyard" and made the restaurant famous all over the country. The dishes are priced at about 200 yuan per serving. The most popular "Presidential Package" is Putin's favorite spicy beef and dessert. The whole package is about 600 yuan. Enjoying the "President's specifications" is not cheap at all.

Although I can eat and love to eat, sometimes I'm too busy to work, and Putin has no time to eat: "I usually don't eat lunch because it's too late. Eat fruit and yogurt whenever you have the chance. If there is no time, we will have nothing to eat. "

It's not easy for the president to think about how busy he is when he can at least ask his buddies to bring some food from the canteen at noon.

What's more, Grandpa Putin is 66 years old, busy work not only did not grind him into a little old man, but also looked at young teenagers! It seems that the ring can't keep thinking about eating, and hard work will keep me young forever.

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