This is a major event in human history. Syria is waiting for help from China.

This is a major event in human history. Syria is waiting for help from China.

Original title: This is a matter of great importance to human history. Syria is waiting for help from China.

The Syrian side hopes that Chinese companies will participate in the restoration of historic sites in Aleppo and throughout Syria.

Ahmed al Gharib, curator of the Aleppo Castle Museum in Syria, said in an interview that China is a true friend of Syria and that Syria hopes Chinese companies will take part in the restoration of the city of Aleppo and the historic sites of Syria as a whole.

Gharib said: "about 2 months ago, the Chinese Ambassador visited Aleppo and Aleppo castle. We hope that joint investment projects will be launched with China in the future to restore normal life in Aleppo and eliminate the consequences of the crisis.

He said Syria and China planned to work together to restore destroyed mosques, monuments and other facilities in the castle.

"The old city of Aleppo is a complete area of architectural monuments, with mosques, churches, Arab museums and historical buildings," he explained. All buildings have been affected by the (Syria) crisis and need to be restored and maintained. We look forward to our partners from Russia and China, these true friends, who have not given up Syria in difficult times, and we hope that they can provide assistance with the support of UNESCO.

Garib stressed that before the crisis, many Chinese had traveled in Syria as tourists, preferring Syria and Aleppo. They are an important part of tourists in Syria and Aleppo.

According to UNESCO experts, about 30% of the buildings listed as World Heritage Sites in Aleppo were destroyed, and about 60% of the buildings were seriously damaged.

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