Residents of the United States stick to the slogan "because they throw litter"?

Residents of the United States stick to the slogan

Original Title: American Residents Post Notices for Chinese Households to Roll Back to China Just Because They Litter in Residential Buildings?

Source: Beijing time

(Beijing Time Reporter Liu Boyao reported) A Chinese man filmed a video and uploaded it to social media saying that Chinese people in a luxury house in Southern California left their garbage in public space at will, with vegetable soup and oil leaking all over the ground. If the other * * * * * * members could not see it, they made the slogan "the Chai people rolled back to Sina" to vent their anger. However, local Chinese media said that the incident was suspected of discriminating against Chinese and was filmed by men. Some netizens also sent videos to argue that garbage doors on the floor were often closed and households had to put their garbage in the corridor.

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