Baishi logistics charges ofo: Disputes over contract of carriage of goods by road tomorrow

Baishi logistics charges ofo: Disputes over contract of carriage of goods by road tomorrow

Surging news reporter Ouyang Lining

Ofo is prosecuted by the supplier again.

On September 12, the media reported that Baishi Logistics had filed an ofo suit with the Binjiang District Court of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, in order to ask for freight transportation money.

Peng Mei journalist inquired on the Zhejiang court's open network that Baishi Logistics Technology (China) Limited sued Dongxia Datong (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd., the operator of ofo, for disputes over road freight transport contracts. The opening date is September 13th.

Regarding this, Baishi logistics did not respond, and ofo said it would be handled according to legal procedures.

Since September, ofo has been burdled by suppliers.

On August 31, Shanghai Phoenix Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Phoenix, 600679) issued a lawsuit notice alleging that its holding subsidiary, Phoenix Bicycle, filed a lawsuit in the Beijing First Intermediate People's Court over a dispute over a sale contract with Dongxia Datong (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd. As of the date of prosecution, the East gorge chase still owes 68 million 151 thousand and 100 yuan to Phoenix Bicycle.

On Sept. 1, according to Caijing. com, ofo defaulted hundreds of millions of yuan in arrears from logistics suppliers such as Cloud Bird and De Bond, and ofo is secretly negotiating solutions with several logistics suppliers.

Peng Mei reporters learned that arrears do exist, but the cloud bird side said it was inconvenient to disclose the specific amount. A supplier of ofo smart locks also told Peng Mei journalists that the money was still outstanding. "We were hurt by this."

Earlier, the China Business Daily reported that there were arrears between ofo and logistics companies, manufacturers, maintenance plants and so on, amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. Logistics companies with a partnership with ofo said that since September and October 2017, ofo's payments have been much slower.

Ofo is in an awkward position at present.

Since this year, the news that ofo will be purchased drip by drip appears frequently, on August 22, a network media reported that ofo finally "sell" drip by drip agreement has been reached, the company bid about $2 billion. After that, they declined to comment and ofo came up with a rumor.

But on Sept. 5, it was rumored that ofo would complete the E2-2 round of financing, which amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars, led by ants'gold suits. The reaction was very ambiguous for the news, and ofo, didi and ant Kim suit all declined to comment.

On Sept. 11, it was reported that the ofo had recently received another loan from Ali, amounting to about $60 million, which had nothing to do with financing. In this regard, ofo said the message was "false information". Ali insiders also responded to the surging news reporters that the news is false, there is no money to borrow such a thing.

Despite denials by both ofo and Ali, the same day, there were media reports that the 10th of each month was ofo's payday. In order to tide over the pay crunch, the ofo made an emergency loan to Ali, which was not completed until the last minute of September 10 because the largest shareholder, with a veto, was delayed in making a statement. Work to the account. In this regard, drops, ofo have denied.

Some industry insiders told Peng Mei journalists that the takeover issue has not been finalized, indicating that the current drip, Ali, ofo parties continue to play the game. The current busy handling of the deaths of hitchhikers may not be able to take into account the acquisition of ofos, but the further it goes, the worse it will be for ofos, as the number of people using shared bikes plummets in winter and ofOS will have a cold winter.

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