Xinhua commentary: what does the master leave us for under the tide of traffic economy?

Xinhua commentary: what does the master leave us for under the tide of traffic economy?

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, September 12 (Xinhua): what does the master leave us for?

Xinhua News Agency reporter Jiang Weichao

Sheng Zhongguo and Dan Tianfang left one after another, triggering people's thoughts and remembrance. Some people comment that "the master is gone, the wonderful sound still exists", others lament that "the master's words return to the original, and there will be no decomposition next time". This is the affirmation of the master's style and works, but also the public in the Internet debris culture and fast-food entertainment in the uproar, the classic works and the character of the master's yearning and call.

Sheng China, Yangchun white snow, the peak of the palace art; Shantianfang, Xiaba people, a model of civic art. Liang Zhuhua butterfly left, people's thoughts will still dance with the sweet music; next time no decomposition, but a wide and not shallow story, such as long goodwill, flowing through the years. In their artistic life, there is no instant fame, there is no once and for all, there are only ten years of sharpening a sword never stop and skilled in diligent stone wearing. The word "Master" speaks of the respect of the people, demonstrates the outstanding qualities of assiduous study, rigorous scholarship, indifference to fame and wealth, and the noble virtue of being free from environmental disturbance, secular influence, and interest.

In the Internet era, cultural transmission is faster and wider. Faced with the "15 seconds to fame" of "countless circle powder", there is a public lament: Sheng China, Shan Tianfang's past, the number of masters for admiration is becoming less and less. Yes, since "quick culture" and "fast food culture" can make a fortune overnight, who is willing to cultivate, concentrate and persevere? Under the tide of "traffic economy", should we stick to it and stick to it? This is the shadow left by the master, leaving us with questions about the age of art.

When it comes to the times, masters and their works belong to the times and transcend the times. Our spiritual highland needs Masters'works as a yardstick, and our spiritual tower needs Masters' character as a support. In this great era, what people really need is the spirit of Huang Zhong Da Lv, who depicts the vicissitudes of the world while inquiring about the various attitudes of the world. We need to carry forward the extraordinary sound of national culture to illuminate our direction. We also need the classics that can be chewed and tasted by future generations to engrave the footprints of our exploration.

All the writers and artists remembered by later generations, with sincere, thorough and lasting love for the people, in the unremitting questioning of "for whom, who to rely on, who I am", devote their lives to carving themselves, honing themselves with life, accomplishing art, sublimating art ethics, and cultivating the public. Mr. Sheng said, "Live so that others need you and respect you. After death, others can remember you. Any tablet standing outside can be knocked down. The tablet standing in people's hearts can not be knocked down." This "others" is not others, but the people! For the sake of the people, only literary and artistic workers can endure loneliness and bend down to produce works worthy of the times.

When a hundred flowers blossom, the flowers are the ones; when a hundred schools of thought contend, the ones that sing should be the ones; when a hundred schools of thought clatter, the ones that emerge from their sheaths must be a precious knife.

The master went away. If we want to know the future, we must look at the decomposition of our generation. (finish)

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