Beijing receives the number of international conferences, ranking first in China and sixth in Asia Pacific cities.

Beijing receives the number of international conferences, ranking first in China and sixth in Asia Pacific cities.

Originally titled: Beijing receives the largest number of international conferences in China, the sixth Asia-Pacific city, China News Agency, Beijing, September 12 (Reporter Yu Lixiao) from the Beijing International Business and Convention Awards Tourism Exhibition (IBTM China) opening ceremony, Beijing has become the largest number of cities to receive international conferences, 2017, Beijing receives 81 international conferences, ranking sixth in Asia Pacific cities and the first in China.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Yin Peiyan, deputy secretary-general of Beijing Municipal People's Government, said that as a service provider platform for gathering international business resources, conference and exhibition resources and tourism resources, Beijing International Business and Convention Award Tourism Exhibition has gone through 13 years and has become the largest and highest level country in Asia. International Exhibition.

Yin Peiyan said that in recent years, Beijing has always been based on the functional orientation of the international communication center, insisted on serving the country to enlarge the overall situation, took the development of international business and awards tourism as an important strategic measure, and held more and more large-scale, high-level and international exhibitions.

In 2017, Beijing's conference revenue reached 11.87 billion yuan, an increase of 5.4% over 2016; the number of meetings received was 215,000, an increase of 4.7% over 2016; and the number of meetings received was 17.238 million, an increase of 8.4% over 2016.

In 2017, Beijing hosted 790 exhibitions with a total exhibition area of 6.095 million square meters. The number of exhibitors and exhibitors received was 10.29 million, with an income of 12.38 billion yuan.

Cao Pengcheng, deputy director of the Beijing Tourism Development Committee, said that Beijing's exhibition industry continued to enhance its competitive edge. It has formed the main exhibition bodies such as food and beverage exhibition, machinery industry exhibition, medical and health exhibition, building materials exhibition, green environmental protection exhibition and tourism consumption exhibition, attracting a number of international professional exhibitions to settle in Beijing.

At present, the utilization rate of exhibition venues in Beijing is higher than that in other cities, with the highest utilization rate exceeding 80% for Beijing National Convention Center. With the construction of Gubeishui Town, Yanqi Lake and other new conference venues, Beijing has provided a new competitive venue for hosting international conferences and exhibitions.

Cao Pengcheng said that the next step Beijing will develop more tourism products, including culture, exhibition, sports, recreation, research and other tourism products, to enhance the charm and attractiveness of Beijing Award tourism. At the same time, by improving the exhibition facilities, cultivating industrial clusters and other measures, we will continue to promote the sustained and healthy development of the Beijing Award tourism industry. (finish)

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