Intel: NOKIA Ericsson deploys 5G network to use our technology.

Intel: NOKIA Ericsson deploys 5G network to use our technology.

Nokia and Ericsson will use Intel's technology in the deployment of the world's first 5G network, Intel said today.

"Intel's technology will drive the first wave of 5G networks," Sandra Rivera, senior vice president of Intel's 5G and network platform division, said at the Intel 5G summit in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

"Starting with our 5G New Radio modem, we're building a series of features to provide additional support for hundreds of millions of modem devices that are already on the 4G network market."

Phil Twist, Nokia's vice president of network marketing and communications, said that Intel and Nokia are working together in three main areas: AirFrame, AirScale and ReefShark products, namely, Nokia's cloud service core infrastructure, wireless access products and chipset products.

Intel and Ericsson have begun to work together to deploy 5G networks for global mobile operators, including four major U.S. carriers, several European mobile operators, as well as China Mobile, China Unicom and Softbank, according to Jawad Manssour, head of PAN. .

Asha Keddy, vice president of Intel Technology and Systems Architecture, said: "When it comes to Intel, people tend to think of the most powerful processors or PCs; but in fact, our business is much more than that, including smartphones and base stations."

"So when you think of Ericsson or Nokia, you should know that they deploy Intel technology in their 5G network." (Li Ming)

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