The man recovered 80 thousand of his cash in 25 minutes before he was thrown into the incinerator.

The man recovered 80 thousand of his cash in 25 minutes before he was thrown into the incinerator.

Original Title: Plastic bags filled with money were carelessly thrown away and the owner was found 25 minutes before he went all the way to the garbage incinerator where 80,000 cash was put into the incinerator.

Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter Lu Chenghan correspondent Duan Jun Yan Juanjuan

A resident in Caidian District mistakenly threw plastic bags containing more than 80,000 yuan of cash into the trash can when he was doing a funeral. Fortunately, 25 minutes before entering the incinerator, the cash was picked up in the rubbish dump. Yesterday, Mr. Liu, who was a resident, brought up the matter.

More than 80 thousand yuan of cash was thrown away as rubbish.

On the 4 day of the morning, Mr. Liu's funeral home in the happy Spring District of Caidian district. At that time, the family had two similar black bags, one for trash and the other for more than 80,000 yuan in cash. Mr. Liu's family mistakenly threw money bags into the trash bin. "It's broken." At about 6:00 a.m., Mr. Liu found that the bag of garbage was still at home, but the bag of money had disappeared, and he suddenly broke out in a cold sweat. He quickly ran to the garbage bin to see it, but he was dumb. It was empty and rubbish had been transferred. In desperation, he dialed the mayor's hotline for help.

At about 5:00 a.m., the sanitation workers came to Happy Spring Community and transported the garbage to Daji Garbage Transfer Station. At 6:40, the director of Daji garbage transfer station, Long, received the information from Mr. Liu, who turned around for help. He immediately searched for the garbage. At this time, the garbage collected from the Happy Spring Community is being transported to the Guodingshan incineration plant in Hanyang after being compressed by the garbage transfer station. "It is estimated that the garbage truck has not yet reached the finish line. Maybe it will be too late." The head of the station immediately contacted Mei Hao, a security specialist at the Guodingshan garbage incineration plant. "There is a garbage bag containing 80,000 yuan of cash in our garbage. We must intercept the vehicles." Later, the Dragon stationmaster informed Mr. Liu and his family that they were looking for the burning plant at the top of the mountain.

30 minutes to retrieve the money in the garbage dump.

Around 8:30 a.m., the garbage truck drove to the front of the Garbage Incinerator in Po Ding Shan. Yan Xiaoyong, the discharging manager who had already received the news, opened the green channel and released the truck into the discharging platform. Mr. Liu's family arrived at the same time. "Pour it out and look it up one by one." In order to find the lost cash as soon as possible, Yan Xiaoyong instructed the driver to dump 15 tons of garbage into three piles, and then sent forklift trucks to leveling the garbage, so that the Liu family rakes in the garbage to find.

The garbage pile was so pungent that Mr. Liu's family looked for it for a while. Yan Xiaoyong invited two staff members to cooperate with Mr. Liu. "This bag seems to be!" About 30 minutes after picking up the first pile of garbage, Mr. Liu found the black bag containing money. He opened it and found that more than 80,000 yuan was worth a lot of money. The whole family was smiling. "If it's 25 minutes late, the bag may be in smoke." Yan Xiaoyong said that fortunately he got the news beforehand before he recovered the cash of the owner.

Yesterday, Mr. Liu said, now think of it and feel scared. After the funeral, he sent Jinqi to Daji garbage transfer station and Guodingshan garbage incinerator to express his gratitude.

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