Layout industry upstream B station invest three Japanese Animation Studios

Layout industry upstream B station invest three Japanese Animation Studios

Sina Technological News Beijing time on September 13, B station announced the acquisition of Japanese company Fun-Media shares. The company has three animation studios, Feel. Studio, ZEXCS Studio and Assez Finaud Fabric.

Feel. Studios is a Japanese animation production company founded in 2002. Its representative works are "Empty of Fate", "Three Sisters of the South I'm Back", "Blood Gentleman" and so on. ZeXCS studio released the first animated work "sister princess" in 2001, and then produced a lot of excellent works, such as "first sound island" and "H2O red sand imprint" and so on. The youngest Assez Finaud Fabric studio has launched blood group ABO series animation. The 3 studios have considerable popularity in domestic animation enthusiasts.

For the investment in three Japanese studios, B Station Chairman and CEO Chen Rui said: "Station B has been continuously investing in homemade content, and Fun-Media's three animation studios in Japan and overseas markets are very popular. Through this investment, we also hope to bring more high-quality animation works to users.

"I'm glad Station B is our investor and partner, and Station B and Fun-Media have been working to provide high-quality animated content to audiences," said Yoko Kawasaki, president of Fun-Media. Through this strategic investment, we can further develop our advantages in TV animation, OVA and film production, and continue to enrich the animation works on B station.

In mid-May this year, Station B also set up a new animation studio in Tokyo, Japan, and through the platform openly recruited original artists, animation directors and other positions, and Station B also expressed the hope that with the support of the headquarters to achieve the goal of producing three original animations a year, the investment plan is undoubtedly to accelerate the creation of animation. Layout. In addition, according to the official data released by Station B before, in 2017 and the first half of 2018, a total of 312 new animations were released in Japan, 201 of which were broadcast in Station B, accounting for 64.4%, ranking first in the domestic platforms.

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