More aggressive than soybeans? China can destroy American sticks with this trick, experts say.

More aggressive than soybeans? China can destroy American sticks with this trick, experts say.

Original title: headlines are more fierce than soybeans. Can China destroy the "big stick" in this way? The truth is -

According to media reports, on September 11, Woodward's new book, Fear: Trump in the White House, was officially launched. In addition to the well-known "crusade" of U.S. President Trump, the new book, with a total of millions of copies in print, now reveals details of how China can cope with the trade war, and the "trick" it refers to seems to be more "fierce" than soybeans and energy.

According to "Fear: Trump in the White House," former White House economic adviser Cohen warned Trump that 96.6% of antibiotics in the United States were imported from China. 9 common antibiotics, such as penicillin, are not produced in the United States. Cohen believes that the United States launched a trade war with China is nothing more than self-destruction, China "destroy the United States" only this move. "If you're Chinese and want to destroy us, don't export antibiotics to us," Cohen said. "How do you explain to their mother, sir, when babies die of septic throat? Do you mention trade surplus? "

Reported that the book about "Chinese pharmaceutical companies to control the United States doors" point of view by the United States pharmaceutical industry. The report also cited an article in the May issue of the U.S. News and World Report, which pointed out that the main ingredients of almost all common drugs in the United States were purchased from China.

Diao Daming, a researcher at the National Institute for Development and Strategic Studies at Renmin University of China, told Reuters. com that if the content of Woodward's book is true, Cohen's words show that there are always differences within the White House over trade wars.

It is argued that although the "globalism" represented by Cohen and others and the "Monroe" represented by U.S. President Navarro and others are more consistent in achieving the goal of "the United States is once again strong", there are still great differences in the way to achieve and the policy line. Reuters reported that Cohen had resigned to protest the United States imposed punitive tariffs on China's steel and aluminum. Cohen hoped that the Trump administration would attach importance to the important reality of economic interdependence and solve the so-called trade imbalance by increasing the types and quantities of import and export trade, rather than by means of trade wars, through dialogue, negotiation and addition.

There is also public opinion that the book refers to the "Chinese pharmaceutical companies to control the United States life gate" also reflects the degree of economic and trade ties between China and the United States and the importance of Chinese goods for the lives of the American people.

Diao Daming said that China's commodities cover almost all the needs of the American people from birth to death. At present, the Trump administration has imposed tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese goods, ended the public consultation on tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods, and issued a greater threat. Most of the $50 billion in tariff-imposed Chinese goods are "intermediate goods" in the sense of the industrial chain, i.e. goods that do not enter the market directly and are used by consumers. It contains a large number of "end products", that is, the consumer products that really want to enter the market and enter ordinary households through currency transactions. It can be said that the Trump administration, if determined, will immediately affect the interests of ordinary consumers in the United States.

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