Putin proposed that Russia and Japan do not have conditions to sign a peace treaty in the year of Andouble.

Putin proposed that Russia and Japan do not have conditions to sign a peace treaty in the year of Andouble.

Original title: Putin proposed that Japan and Russia do not have conditions to sign a peace treaty before the end of the year. Andouble was tongue tied on the spot.

[Global Network Reporter Zhang Ji] Russian President Vladimir Putin unexpectedly proposed to Abe at a meeting Wednesday (September 12) that Russia and Japan sign a peace agreement this year to end hostilities since World War II. The proposal put Andouble on the spot.

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at the Oriental Economic Forum in Vladivostok that the lack of a peace treaty between Japan and Russia was an abnormal situation, Reuters reported Wednesday. Putin turned to Andouble in the question and answer session, and said, "I just came up with an idea... Let's sign the peace agreement before the end of this year without any preconditions. "

Bloomberg said Abe, sitting next to Putin, did not respond, but applauded from the stage.

Putin then mentioned his proposal again, saying, "I am not kidding." He said his idea is that the two sides sign the peace treaty first and then settle the dispute.

Japan and Russia have been at logjam for 70 years over a series of islands in the Pacific and have not formally ended hostilities during World War II. Since Abe took office in 2012, he and Putin have met 22 times, trying to make no headway in the dispute over sovereignty over the four islands.

Reuters analysis said that for Japan, determining the sovereignty of the islands is a key issue, so Japan is unlikely to sign an agreement without first getting some assurances from the Kremlin about the sovereignty of the islands.

Putin's proposal at the meeting apparently caught the Japanese off guard. Russian Tass News Agency (TASS) quoted Kremlin spokesman Paskov as saying that Japanese officials did not convey any private response immediately after the meeting.

Finally, the Japanese officials far away in Tokyo still spoke in the media inquiries. According to Russian satellite network news, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that only after the island issue was resolved, the Japanese government and Russia will negotiate a peace treaty. "The Japanese government has understood Russian President Putin's speech. We declined to comment on its public statements. However, the position of the Japanese government remains unchanged, that is, after resolving the issue of the ownership of the South Kuril Islands (Japan called the four northern islands), negotiations for the signing of a peace treaty will continue, "a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

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