Apple's new Apple Watch hit competitors: Fitbit shares fell 6.9%

Apple's new Apple Watch hit competitors: Fitbit shares fell 6.9%

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Sina Technologies News Beijing time on September 13 morning news, Apple 2008 autumn conference held early this morning, released a new Apple Watch Series 4. After the announcement, wearable equipment manufacturers'shares were affected: Fitbit shares fell 6.9%, while Garmin shares rose 0.07%.

Meanwhile, Apple shares fell 1.24%.

The Apple Watch Series 4 features a larger screen with two sizes, 35% and 32% larger, respectively. At the same time, the dial is redesigned, and the dial can be customized, such as adding photos. At the same time, the larger screen can display more information, such as boarding information, you can also set up a dynamic screen saver.

At the same time, the processor of Apple Watch Series 4 is further upgraded. The loudspeaker volume is 15% larger than before, and the microphone moves from the rear end to the side.

Apple Watch Series 4 also adds more safety and health functions. For example, SOS rescue function; and heart rate monitoring, provide a low heart rate reminder, and even display electrocardiogram. Apple Watch Series 4 claims that it can achieve 18 hours of endurance and three colors. (Si Mei)

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