From "assist the Japanese representative" to "the representative of Japanese borers" Xie Changting did not lose Li Denghui to the Japanese.


Original title: from "helping the Japanese representative" to "boring Japanese representative", Xie Changting will not lose Li Denghui.

[Global Times correspondent Zhang Yunfeng in Taipei] Japanese right-winger Shihiko Fujii kicked a bronze statue of "comfort woman" in Tainan, arousing the anger of the people on the island. Taiwan's United News Network said on the 12th that the right-wing groups involved in Japan have issued a statement of apology and announced Fujii's resignation. But the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities represented by Taiwan's representative in Japan, Hsieh Changting, pretended to be deaf and dumb, and their negative and weak attitudes made all walks of life angry. Taiwanese media said that, in fact, Xie Changting's flattering Japan is not a day or two. As a representative of Taiwan in Japan, Xie Changting often defends Japan on controversial issues, which makes people shocked. His name on the island has also undergone a change from a representative in Japan to a "representative to help Japan" and then to a "representative to Japan.

It has deep roots in Japan.

Xie Changting, born in May 1946, has deep roots in Japan. After a year of studying at the Taiwanese University Faculty Institute, he got a scholarship from the Ministry of Education of Japan, went to Kyoto University for a doctoral course, and then had to return to Taiwan because his father had cancer. Taiwan's "Vision" magazine once reported that the experience of staying in Japan has made Hsieh Changting a minority of senior DPP officials who speak both English and Japanese. In 2007, Hsieh Changting, who had participated in the "general election", visited Japan, suggesting that Japan should follow the example of the United States in enacting the "Taiwan Relations Act"; and then accompanied Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe on a visit to Japan as an advisor to demonstrate Japan's rich network. In 2016, he was appointed by Cai Yingwen as the representative of Japan. In an interview with Japanese media, he even said, "Japan came to Taiwan to rule in 1895, is the strongest time in Japan, at that time Taiwan's construction may be the best, Taiwan felt very progressive at that time."

As soon as Xie Changting took office, he showed the beauty of his character in his bones. Faced with public opposition to the nuclear disaster in Fukushima and the DPP mayors and counties, Hsieh posted pictures of Japanese supermarkets on his Facebook, stressing that vegetables from Fukushima Prefecture had been sold out and that "the Japanese dared to eat them." At that time, Wang Feng, a Taiwan writer, mocked him as "the best representative of Japan". And netizens say, "then you eat, eat all your family, eat every day, eat for a few years and have nothing to think about importing again".

"Wholeheartedly thinking in Japan"

On the other side of the conflict between Japan and Taiwan, Xie also stood on the side of Japan. In March of this year, Taiwan's Soviet Australian fishing vessels were caught up by Japanese business vessels and driven by water cannon. In the "Legislative Yuan" report, Xie Changting said that he had made a protest against Japanese law enforcement and requested proof. Later, the Japanese side took out photos, from which we could see that the fishing boats were fishing and fishing, and there were two fish. Xie Changting then plausibly claimed to believe the Japanese side's evidence, "it can't be said that the fish themselves ran up." Previously, Taiwan had sent warships to protect fishing, but Hsieh strongly opposed, saying that the use of warships was at the expense of war, coupled with the signing of a security treaty between Japan and the United States, which amounted to "declaring war on the United States". The Island directly criticized him for being friendly to Japan and spared no effort to ridicule him with the words "son emperor", "sun representative" and "cartilage disease" and so on "the degree of flattery to Japan can be comparable to Lee Teng-hui".

On the issue of "comfort women", Hsieh Changting claimed in November last year that if a "comfort women" image was to be placed in the Taiwan representative office in Japan, "you will come to my farewell ceremony." In August this year, Taiwan's first "comfort women" statue was set up alongside the party headquarters of the Kuomintang Municipality in Tainan. Hsieh Changting also called it "the Chinese political party within Taiwan" which constantly expanded the contradiction and confrontation between Taiwan and Japan and undermined Taiwan-Japan relations. According to an editorial in the Lianhe Daily, since Hsieh Changting was stationed in Japan, he has often spoken in favor of Japan on the issue of opening up the Fukushima nuclear eclipse and fishing rights negotiations.

At the same time, Xie Changting did not forget to criticize the Kuomintang. Japan has been hit by a typhoon earthquake recently. In Japan, Taiwanese tourists complained that they had closed their doors when they called their offices in Japan for help. Hsieh did not respond to this delay, but bombarded Kuomintang Chairman Wu Dunyi on Facebook, talking about the 1998 election of Kaohsiung mayor's grievances. Joint News Network bluntly said that Xie Changting was an ideal candidate to stay in Japan, but he "wholeheartedly stood in Japan's perspective, and mistaken himself as a green camp representative, ready to fire on the opposition, but forgot to represent the Republic of China", so that people do not know whether he is the representative of Taipei in Japan. Or is the DPP's commander in chief?

From "assist the Japanese representative" to "the representative of Japanese invasion"

Xie Changting strongly urged Japan to cause fierce criticism on the island. Luo Zhiqiang, former deputy secretary-general of the Presidential Palace, wrote in the China Times that the arrogant Fujii Shiyan dared to go to South Korea to play "comfort women" like it? Dare to go to the mainland? Why he dares to be so crazy in Taiwan is that Cai Yingwen and Xie Changting have no waist and bone. The article said that Hsieh Changting was even more hateful, receiving the salaries of the Taiwanese people, but he was mindful of escorting Japan. "His actions were more disgraceful than Fujii Shihiko."

Hong Kong's China Rating News Agency said that Taiwan's "foreign agencies" are said to have two main functions, one is "foreign affairs" negotiations, the other is to serve the people of Taiwan. Xie Changting is often derided by netizens as a "representative of helping Japan". The public's criticisms are attributed to these two points. The first is the position, the second is the inadequate service.

Xie Changting's behavior is not conducive to Taiwan Japan relations. "United News Network" said that Japan has long been the pipa farewell, recently the Liberal Democratic Party has been visiting Beijing in succession to pave the way for Shinzo Abe's visit to China, "I do not know that Hsieh Changting is ignorant, or just flattering Japan. "Lianhe Daily" said on the 11th, Xie Changting "diplomacy" occasion as an election venue, with high-profile, unadorned election language opened the invisible Pandora box in Taiwan-Japan relations. For example, after he defended Japan's nuclear food disaster, the Kuomintang passed the threshold of joint authorization in a referendum on nuclear food when popular sentiment was available. If passed by the end of the year, it would be even more distant for Taiwan to lift the ban on nuclear food. At the same time, thanks to Hsieh Changting's "pushing the waves and fueling the waves", the "comfort women" issue immediately became a hot potato between Taiwan and Japan, and it was difficult to be good for a short time. This makes the Japanese government feel in a dilemma.

Anfeng Shan, spokesman of the State Taiwan Office, said at a regular press conference on the 12th that the kicking of "comfort women" by representatives of Japanese right-wing organizations in Taiwan is like a clown jumping from a beam, and of course will be condemned and boycotted by compatriots on both sides of the Straits. He said that the attitude on the big issue is not only the touchstone of all kinds of politicians, but also the mirror to test the good and evil of human nature.

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