Women's car tickets found 8 companies listed under the list of dishonest persons.

Women's car tickets found 8 companies listed under the list of dishonest persons.

Original title: a woman after the loss of identity card was falsely registered 8 companies

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Guo Qilinyuan

Recently, Miss Wei, a Shenzhen citizen, found that he was listed on the list of dishonest persons when he bought the ticket. Only then did Miss Wei realize that she had been falsely registered with eight companies, one of which had been sued in court. She recalled losing her ID card four years ago, and all eight companies were registered after the date of the loss.

Many citizens who have lost their ID cards are worried that they may be used as personal identity information. Shenzhen Municipal Market and Quality Supervision and Management Commission Consultation and Reporting Center staff told reporters that citizens can log on to the official website of Shenzhen Institute of Standards and Technology, click on the "institutional inquiry" and enter the ID card number in the search box, you can see the company under the name.

Ms. Wei said last Thursday that when she was ready to buy back her home high-speed rail ticket, the ticket system prompted her that she was limited to high consumption and could not buy high-speed rail tickets.

So she went to the Supreme Court website to inquire about the blacklist of the dishonest, and found out that she had a lawsuit in the Baiyun District Court of Guangzhou, and she was the legal representative of the company involved in the lawsuit. Continuing to search through the Internet, Ms. Wei was surprised to find that she had eight companies under her name. At this time, she suddenly remembered that in November 2014, when she was walking through the East Gate, her ID card was inadvertently lost, and all eight companies were registered after her ID card was lost.  

In addition, Miss Wei also found that most of the eight companies are trading companies, and many companies have tax arrears, if not cancelled in time, she will encounter more trouble.

Like Miss Wei, how can someone be empowered to become a legal person? In this regard, Shenzhen Municipal Market and Quality Supervision and Administration Commission consultation and reporting center interview room staff told reporters, found on the Internet to their fraudulent information registered company, record the name and address of the company, to the Shenzhen Archives Center to print enterprise registration files, enterprise sharing information reports, and then to the company registration place The public security organ where it is located alarms and, with the certificate of alarm, goes to the industrial and commercial sub-bureau where it is registered and fills in the application form for the cancellation of the false registration of the enterprise.

According to the regulations, eight false registered enterprises under Miss Wei's name are located in eight different districts, and Miss Wei has to report to the police station where she is registered. However, after consulting, the city headquarters responded and wrote, appointing Fukuda Branch to take the lead in dealing with the situation reflected by Miss Wei. After investigation, if it is true that the identity card is lost and the company is registered with fraudulent identity, it will be given a one-time certificate of return, do not need to report more cases, in addition, the Fukuda Public Security Bureau will take the lead in further investigation of the case of fraudulent identity, identify fraudsters and related personnel, and investigate legal liability.

Xu Yiqun, the director of Guangdong Xinyong Law Firm, said that once the fraudulent identity was encountered and the court was listed in the list of dishonest execution, the parties could apply to the higher court for retrial. "After alarming the public security organ, handwriting identification can be carried out, and the establishment of the company requires the convening of a shareholders'meeting, these courts can take evidence. Once the lawsuit is successful, the record can be cancelled in the original breach of trust execution list. "

Shenzhen Futian District, near the bamboo forest, an enterprise registration agent company told reporters that if the previous second-generation ID card lost, its information can still be read, easy to be misused by individuals with a bad mind. When the commercial registration organ accepts and examines the application of the parties according to law, it fulfills the obligation of formal examination. As long as the materials are complete and conform to the legal form, it is allowed to register, and it is impossible to judge whether the identity card is used fraudulently.

Editor in chief: Zhang Shen

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