Divorce is a real divorce? The man asked for a compound rejection and killed his ex-wife and his friends.

Divorce is a real divorce? The man asked for a compound rejection and killed his ex-wife and his friends.

Original title: false divorce really divorced? Changsha man killed his ex-wife and his girlfriend with a long sword

Sanxiang Metropolitan Daily, September 12 - Mahjong Hall, everyone chatting, suddenly someone rushed into the kitchen will stab the knife to the female boss and then another person fell. Then, he dropped his weapon and ran away by bike.

Today, the reporter learned from the procuratorate of Yuelu District of Changsha City that the suspect, Deng Mou, is the second husband of the female owner of the mahjong parlor, who was arrested by the court on suspicion of intentional homicide, and the case is still under further investigation.

The female owner of the mahjong museum was killed.

In August 28th, a homicide case took place in a mahjong Museum of a high tech Zone in Changsha.

At that time, everyone in the mahjong museum was chatting, suddenly, an accident happened.

A man rushed straight through the back door into the kitchen of a mahjong parlor, took a long knife out of his bag and shouted to the woman who was cooking, "Who am I?" The woman glanced at it and said, "if it's hard, you kill me!" When the voice dropped, the man knives and knives at a woman with a knife. Then he came out of the kitchen and headed straight to the hall of mahjong hall and stabbed the knife at another lady. When he was about to leave the kitchen, he saw the stabbed woman before, and added a knife.

After stabbing them in succession, the murderer abandoned the weapon and fled the scene in an electric vehicle.

The two assassins were rushed to a nearby hospital for rescue. Unfortunately, the rescue was ineffective. One of them was the owner of a mahjong parlor.

On the same day, the high tech Zone Public Security sub Bureau set up a task force. Subsequently, the police arrested a suspect in Yuelu District near a supermarket.

The police arrested the assailant as the victim's ex husband.

It is understood that the murderer Deng Muru and Mahjong Hall owner Mrs. Wu used to be husband and wife, but the two have divorced in June this year.

After interrogation, Deng Mou as a result of family contradictions, his ex-wife Wu resentment, on the same day with a knife stabbed the army and his female friends, resulting in one person died on the spot, one person died rescue ineffective.

According to Deng's confession, the two are primary school classmates, but there are few contacts. In 2008, they met each other again after their divorce. "In 2009, our district demolition, in order to be divided into a larger house, we got married on that year." Deng said, in this way, the two families with their children set up their families.

At first, the two were in good spirits. Ms. Wu rented a house in the neighborhood and opened a mahjong parlor. If Deng had time, she would clean up and cook. "In June this year she suddenly wanted to buy social security, she bought social security and had a pension, I can't get a low-income insurance." Deng Mouru said that in order not to affect Wu's social security and to get the lowest assurance, the two agreed to "fake divorce".

Subsequently, the two went to the civil affairs department for divorce procedures, and had a divorce without leaving home.

Asking for compound rejection and assassination of his ex-wife and his girlfriend in public

Shortly after the divorce, Deng found his ex-wife's attitude changed. "She said mahjong museum I love to go, but also move out to rent a house." Deng said he didn't feel divorced. It was a fake divorce from the government, and the two of them remained together in his heart.

"I went to the mahjong Museum many times to find her. I hope she can change her mind." Deng said that he hoped to get married with his ex-wife, so he often went to the mahjong parlor to find his ex-wife, but was refused every time, and the other daughter's son-in-law did not like him. This time he also went to seek compound, but he carried a long knife with him. "I bought a pig knife online is too short, I bought a steel pipe to lengthen."

When Deng asked for a compound request, his ex-wife refused him. He was furious and killed his ex-wife with a knife. Asked why she would assassinate another woman, Deng said, "she should kill. She should not persuade her to leave."

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