The 111 group is listed as the first Chinese Internet health company to list in the US.

The 111 group is listed as the first Chinese Internet health company to list in the US.

Original Title: 1 Pharmaceutical Network parent company 111 Group officially listed in the United States as China's Internet health medicine listed in the United States the first share

Xinjing News (Reporter Wang Kara) Earlier today, Xinjing News reporters learned from a drug network that on the evening of September 12, Beijing time, the Chinese Internet medical and health enterprise 111 Group officially listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange (NASDAQ), the stock code "YI". Since then, the 111 group has become the first largest Internet health company in China.

In the IPO, 111 Group issued 9,300,000 U.S. Depositary Receipts (ADRs) at a price of $14 a share, raising $100 million. The amount of fund-raising will mainly be used for R & D, marketing and promotion, as well as strategic investment and acquisitions. J.P. Morgan, Citibank and CICC are the joint underwriters of this IPO.

At the listing ceremony, Dr. Yu Gang, the co-founder and chairman of 111 Group, said listing was not a goal, but a milestone that could help the group achieve its goals faster, more efficiently and more resources. "I had two previous entrepreneurship are eager to lead you to the company listed, but failed to achieve, today finally realized, a wish." Liu Junling, co-founder, chairman and CEO of 111 Group, said that he would continue to build China's largest online and offline integrated medical and health platform with technological capabilities.

Since 2010, 111 Group has formed a new pharmaceutical retail platform consisting of B2C medical platform "1 drug network", Internet hospital "1 diagnosis" and B2B medical platform "1 drug city". According to Frost & amp; Sullivan, 1 Pharmacy is the largest B2C self-owned online pharmacy in China, and 1 Pharmacy is the largest virtual pharmacy network in the world. Up to now, more than 15 million registered users, more than 290,000 commodities are on sale, and more than 100,000 pharmacies are serviced in one pharmacy, including chains, monomer pharmacies, and pharmacies in private hospitals and private clinics. One clinic has a team of more than 2,000 self-employed and external medical professionals.

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