BAT official "war" small program in the first half of the relevant domestic investment amounted to 3 billion yuan

BAT official

Original title: BAT big three official "war" small program

After a year of public beta test, Alipay's small program announced on September 12th formally launched, and will invest 1 billion yuan in three years to help developers. "Small programs have become one of the most important strategies for ants in the next three years." Alipay relevant responsible person said. As WeChat, Alipay and Baidu have successively paid a lot of attention to the layout of small programs, the dispute between the entry of a giant has also started.

According to the Beijing daily news September 13th, since the opening of the public survey in September 2017, Alipay small programs have gradually opened nine categories of tools, retail, life services, travel and transportation, public welfare, finance, education, medical treatment and government affairs. The total number of small programs is over 20 thousand, daily active users reach 120 million, and the number of users is 300 million. .

While providing consumers with convenience, merchants with access to customers, meticulous management and other ways, small programs are seen by Internet giants as a new type of access to live online and offline. Take Ali system as an example, under the office scenario, the boss can directly activate Alipay store applet in the nail group, so that the employees can order their favorite fruits and deliver them to the door. In the navigation scenario, if your destination is this fruit shop, when the navigation ends, the store's applet can be automatically awakened to tell you. What fruits are being promoted? Compared with the fragmented mobile phone APP, the user experience of small programs and the integration of online and offline are more fluent.

Yesterday, Alipay announced the formal establishment of the small business division, and will invest 1 billion yuan in the 3 year innovation fund, to help developers and businesses to upgrade all kinds of service scenes. In the next six months, Alipay's small program will also be opened to individual developers step by step.

As a source of creative power for small programs, "developers" have also become the precious resources of different races. Baidu released a smart applet at the developer's conference in early July, and provided technical capabilities for applet developers through AI technologies such as text recognition, speech synthesis, content auditing, and image recognition. Tencent, the first to launch a small program, is also constantly opening new conditions to attract developers. At the end of July, the Weixin team launched a series of new policies, such as raising the proportion of advertising revenue for small programs. Data show that in the first half of this year, domestic investment related to small procedures was as high as 3 billion yuan.

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