Hunan Hengdong driving vicious injury case to 11 deaths, local rehabilitation work

Hunan Hengdong driving vicious injury case to 11 deaths, local rehabilitation work

Original title: Hengdong fully launched the "9.12" deliberately driving injury cases, treatment and rehabilitation of the wounded.

Red Net time September 13 (Reporter Hongwan) September 12 evening, Hengdong County Town Goujiang Plaza, a criminal suspect Yang Mouyun deliberately driving injuries malignant cases. As of 10 a.m. on September 13th, 11 people were dead and 44 were hospitalized.

After receiving the report, Du Jiahao, the Secretary of the provincial Party committee, made specific arrangements. Xu Dazhe, vice-governor of the provincial Party Committee and Xu Xianhui, vice-governor and director of the provincial public security department, immediately sat in the provincial public security command center to direct and dispatch the handling of the incident, and set up the command headquarters and working groups on medical assistance, post-treatment and case detection to try their best to cure the injuries. Personnel, speed up the investigation and trial of cases, and do a good job of comforting family members of casualties. Subsequently, Xu Dazhe and Xu Xianhui rushed to the scene to give instructions on the rescue and rehabilitation work, visiting and consoling the injured.

Sun Lijun, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of public security, led the working group to the scene to guide the handling of the case.

The 44 injured persons were sent to Hengyang Central Hospital, the First and Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanhua University for treatment. The main person in charge of the Provincial Health Planning Commission led the provincial medical expert group consisting of the First Affiliated Hospital, the Second Affiliated Hospital and the People's Hospital of Xiangya to Hengyang City and Hengdong County overnight to participate in the treatment and implement the treatment measures of "one injured person, one scheme, one treatment group" and "one hospital, one coordination working group".

According to the police preliminary interrogation, the criminal suspect Yang Mouyun had been sentenced for drug trafficking, theft, intentional injury, and so on many times, and then produced retaliatory social psychology, driving alone into the crowd in Yujiang Square that night, and holding folding shovels, daggers cut the crowd at the scene, causing serious casualties.

In order to do a good job of post-mortem comfort, Hengdong County provides one-to-one or more one-to-one services to each victim and his family members in township and county-level organs. City and county level two volunteer organizations to carry out voluntary services. The local Red Cross launched mass blood donation.

At present, the work is proceeding in an orderly way.

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Hunan Hengdong man driving into the square, causing casualties to many people

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