The 1 drug network is listed in the US: closing price of US $13.8 is almost flat with IPO pricing.

The 1 drug network is listed in the US: closing price of US $13.8 is almost flat with IPO pricing.

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Sina Science and Technology News Beijing time on the morning of September 13, the Internet Pharmaceutical Enterprise 1 Pharmaceutical Network listed in Nasdaq yesterday, the stock code is "YI". The 1 drug net stock opened at $16.75, once dropping to $11.57, ending at $13.80. Compared with the previous IPO price of 14 US dollars, the closing price is basically flat. At present, the market value of the 1 drugs network is US $1 billion 143 million.

Previously, 1 Pharmaceutical Network set the U.S. IPO price at $14 a share, at the bottom of the range of $14 to $16.

The 1 drug network will issue 7 million 100 thousand shares through the IPO, with the goal of issuing 9 million 300 thousand shares before. As the issue of share capital is reduced, the final IPO financing of the 1 drug network is US $99 million 400 thousand. If the company sells 9 million 300 thousand shares according to the previous plan, the amount of financing should reach US $130 million 200 thousand.

The 1 drug network was founded in 2010 and has not yet been profitable. The company achieved revenue of $110.5 million in the first half of 2008, but the cost of goods sold amounted to $100.6 million, resulting in a very small profit margin and a net loss of $19.6 million for the entire first half of the year.

According to public information, 111 Group, founded in 2010 by Gang and Liu Junling, is also the founder of E-commerce Platform 1 shop. 111 group has B2C medical platform "1 medicine network", Internet hospital "1 diagnosis", B2B medical platform "1 medicine city", is one of the few unicorns in the field of Internet medicine and health.

At present, 1 drug network sales range covers Chinese and Western medicine, tonic health care, medical equipment, cosmetics and other hundreds of thousands of medical and health products. 1 Pharmaceutical Network not only has a team of pharmacists to provide customers with online drug counseling services, but also with the help of the "1 clinic" team of doctors to provide customers with online inquiries, electronic prescription lists and other services.

The share structure disclosed in the prospectus shows that the two founders of 111 Group, Yu Gang and Liu Junling, hold 24.5% of the shares. (I. M. I. M. I. M. I.)

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