WeChat has Alipay and BAT, why do you call it a small program?

WeChat has Alipay and BAT, why do you call it a small program?

Source: Legal Evening News

Legal Evening News view news (reporter Wang Sisi) public beta for a year Alipay small program finally met with the users yesterday, during the public beta period, there were twenty thousand small programs in Alipay platform. And yesterday, Alipay announced the formal establishment of the small program division and promoted the small program to "one of the most important strategies in the next three years". In addition to Ali, Baidu recently announced that it will develop intelligent small programs. So far, the situation has been broken by Tencent small program "dominate the world," BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) or will open the small program era of the three countries.


Alipay applet has no social attributes.

A widget is an application that can be used without downloading or installing. A user can open it by scanning or searching it. The features of "no installation", "accessible" and "no uninstallation" have also attracted much attention since the birth of small programs.

In August 2017, Alipay announced a small program for developers' public beta. It is reported that during the public beta period, there were more than 20 thousand small programs in Alipay small program platform, with an average of 7 days retention rate of 29%. At present, Alipay's small program platform has 120 million live days, and active users number has exceeded 300 million.

Reporters in Alipay platform search procurement, charging, car parking, insurance, certificate photo and other keywords, the results show that many of the corresponding scenes of life service providers of small programs. And in the "friends" interface, the small program and life number, circle side by side, together with the top of the page. It is reported that Alipay small programs have gradually opened nine categories, such as tools, retail, life services, travel and transportation, public welfare, finance, education, health care, government affairs and so on. Among them, travel, retail and life services rank the top three.

Unlike WeChat applets, Alipay has abandoned social attributes directly, focusing only on Alipay's commercial nature. Its functions mainly cover two major areas: business and life services.

Yesterday, Alipay announced that it would invest 1 billion technology innovation fund in the next 3 years to encourage and incubate Alipay's small program eco entrepreneurs. In terms of platform resources input, the platform will also rely on Aliyun and other group technical resources support, through one-stop cloud services and other ways to reduce the cost of developers.


Breaking monopoly or tripartite confrontation

Referring to the small program, we have to say that its "ancestor" Tencent, more users through Tencent Wechat to understand and use the small program, on January 9, 2017 Weixin small program online, after two months of public testing, and March officially open to the public. With its huge traffic portal and social attributes, Wechat has also made many small programs "bridal clothes," including the "rise" of social programs that have been listed in Nasdaq this year.

Now, a dominant situation was first broken by the Ali Department, and on July 4 this year at the Baidu AI developer conference, Baidu also officially released Baidu smart applet. So far, Internet BAT three big tycoons have already entered the Bureau.

Today, the three giants are attracting more developers and users by opening up more entries and traffic. It is understood that at present, WeChat small program entries exceed 60, Alipay also set up sweeping, small program collection and other 41 entries, Baidu also released on the same day the smart Mini program release to provide multiple traffic entries.

Competition for the market is not about commonalities but about characteristics. WeChat's biggest strength is relying on traffic and users. Alipay has been emphasizing the "Alipay credit" and "flower chant" and a series of Alipay's payment closed loop to bring convenience to small program developers. In addition, the positioning, navigation and route planning from Gao De, the business ability of Alibaba from rookie and 1688 distribution, traceability and supply chain were also included in the Alipay small program's open capability camp.


Capital help will replace 80% APP

Where is hot, there is capital. At present, including Jinshajiang, Sequoia China, Danfeng Evergreen, IDG, genuine fund, 80% of the first-line funds have entered the small program track, the first half of the entry funds more than 3 billion yuan.

But Zhu Xiaohu, general manager of Jinshajiang Venture Capital, said the small program dividend period will disappear by the end of the year. First, the giant will respond quickly to seize the market. Second, the cost of small program acquisition is increasing.

"Now people are more and more reluctant to install APP, which is a big trend." Industry insiders believe that the future of Internet traffic will be concentrated on large APPs, users will accelerate the abandonment of low open rate applications, and eventually form a "small number of platform-based super APP + many small programs" mobile ecology.

The industry predicts that in the next two years, widgets will replace 80% of the APP market, and BAT is doing widgets to turn itself into a super APP, thereby trapping users.

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